Google Dialogflow and Genesys: Conversational AI-Powered Customer Experience

Enterprises that want to revolutionize their customer experience rely on bots and virtual assistants to answer customer questions about products, purchases or issues. To do this properly, it’s vital to choose the most appropriate technology to build a conversational artificial intelligence (AI) experience. Often, that choice comes down to finding the tool that best synergizes with existing operations, so you get multifold ROI.

As part of its Experience as a ServiceSM vision, Genesys believes enterprises should use technology to enable empathetic experiences with their customers. Great tech allows companies to fulfill their customers’ intent at the right time — and through the most appropriate channels.

With our Bring Your Own Tech (BYOT) initiative, enterprises can build bots using Genesys native technology or tools from third-party vendors, including Google Dialogflow or Amazon Lex.

Dialog flow image 1

Integrating Genesys Cloud with Google Dialogflow

Following is a step-by-step guide on how to integrate the Genesys Cloud™ platform with Google Dialogflow, which is available for voice, chat and messaging flows. Google Dialogflow powers virtual assistants for digital and voice channels. This example outlines how to implement an insurance bot to answer a customer’s question about a premium payment.

  1. Create a service account with Google Dialogflow platform service.
  2. Access a Dialogflow bot builder instance and add user utterances for the premium inquiry intent.
  3. Enable Google Dialogflow from the Genesys AppFoundry.
  4. Set up OAuth Authentication within Genesys Cloud.
  5. Configure your Google Dialogflow service account credentials. Then enable permissions for Dialogflow API Admin and Client accounts.
  6. Activate the Google Dialogflow integration within Genesys Cloud.
  7. Create a flow within Architect and associate the relevant Google Dialogflow bot: Architect lets you easily choose your preconfigured Dialogflow bot using the Call Dialogflow Bot action. Architect will auto-populate the intent built within the agent.
  8. Publish the flow and connect it to the customer support number or the chat channel where your customers reach out.

This video walks you through the implementation steps.

For detailed instructions on integrating your Google Dialogflow with Genesys Cloud, check out the Dialogflow Setup Guide in the Resource Center. And visit our website to learn more about Genesys chatbot and voicebot capabilities.