Get Ready for the 2020 Genesys Customer Innovation Awards

In today’s competitive business climate, a great customer experience sets organizations apart from the competition. In fact, customer experience is quickly becoming the most important brand differentiator. According to a recent Global Customer Insights Survey from PwC, customer experience is so impactful to a company’s success that it needs to be measured similarly to ROI — referring to it as return on experience (ROX).

Because customer experience is critical to nearly every business, we’re rolling out the red carpet to recognize and celebrate customers who have achieved greatness. And soon, the nomination period will open for the 15th annual Genesys® Customer Innovation Awards (CIA).

CIA Nominations Open January 6

Get ready to submit your nominations for the following Customer Innovation Award categories:

  • The CX Accelerator — Best implementation: time to achieve value
  • The CX Game Changer — Best story of making a difference with customer experience technology
  • The CX Globetrotter— Best global rollout of Genesys
  • The CX Innovator — Best innovation success story
  • The CX Mover — Best success story of switching to Genesys Cloud from another platform
  • The CX Sales and Marketing Performer — Best sales and marketing success story
  • The CX Team Mobilizer — Best team productivity success story

A Look at Past Winners

If you’re wondering what it takes to be recognized for a Customer Innovation Award, let’s take a look back at some of our most recent winners.

We saw some truly inspiring stories. For instance, Homecare Medical, winner of “The CX Game Changer” award, runs digital telehealth services based in New Zealand. The organization aided those affected, in anyway, by the 2018 Christchurch terrorist attack. The attack, which was broadcast live over social media, exposed violent images to exponentially more people. Homecare Medical was able to quickly scale its contact center to offer support via phone for thousands of New Zealanders affected by this tragic event.

Coca-Cola Business Services NA was honored with “The CX Mover” award for a large company. As one of the world’s most iconic brands, Coca-Cola knew it needed to replace three outdated, legacy on-premises systems with a cloud-based customer experience solution to support its continued brand success and passion for putting customers first. The company found freedom in the cloud by adding new capabilities to increase business agility. They accelerated time to value by completing the migration quickly — in just under six months with a 50% reduction in TCO. Coca-Cola experienced 99.9% system availability on Day One with 75% of calls being routed correctly the first time.

Lowell Norway, a leading credit management provider, was named the winner of “The CX Mover” category for a small company. Since implementing the PureCloud® application, Lowell Norway saw incredible success. Average response rates increased to 94% and higher — and wait times were reduced by 14 seconds or more. Automatic identification on first contact rose by 35%, cutting average call handle time by 26% and increasing first call resolution (for calls and email) to 90% or higher. Agent productivity also rose by about 20%. And, Lowell Norway increased its customer satisfaction scores, placing it among some of Norway’s top businesses.

A Customer Innovation Award winner in 2018 and 2019, Affin Bank is a shining example of leveraging the contact center to increase sales. As one of the largest banks in Malaysia, it saw a 300% month-over-month increase in sales with the help of various auto-dialing capabilities and the ability to run multiple campaigns simultaneously. Staff productivity also increased significantly — without having to add headcount. Average handle time decreased from five minutes to four minutes per call for inbound service calls. And its customer satisfaction improved by 23%.

Recognize Your Customer Experience Success

You’ve taken the steps and experienced great success over the past year. It’s time to gain acknowledgement for all your hard work. The Genesys Customer Innovation Awards is your chance to receive some well-earned recognition for giving your customers the experiences they deserve. To find out more about the 2020 awards, email us at