Genesys Salutes Customer Service Representatives During COVID-19

Genesys salutes the millions of customer service agents around the world for the great work you do every day.  And even more so in 2020 as you have managed customer calls pouring into hospitals, mental health, and suicide prevention hotlines, government agenices, financial institutions, and critical services as the world grapples with the global COVID-19 pandemic.

We are proud to play a role in enabling you, the essential workers of business and the public sector, to do your jobs during these difficult times.

Since the pandemic started, we’ve turned up Genesys Cloud service for hundreds of customers, which has enabled them to maintain and expand their customer service operations without skipping a beat as call center volumes have spiked. Our Genesys team worked efficiently and effectively to activate Genesys Cloud, sometimes in a matter of hours, for our customers. This enabled companies to shift customer service agents, like you, from working in the office to working from home without any service disruption and quickly add agents to meet increasing demands. As a result of our dedicated effort during the early months of COVID-19, 24,000 new agents, supervisors, and managers were able to deliver outstanding customer experience using Genesys Cloud.

Today, Genesys celebrates CX Day with several special offerings:

  • LinkedIN Live session with Genesys CEO Tony Bates, Genesys Chief People Officer Eva Majercsik, and Genesys Chief Customer Success Officer Lucy Norris. Hear from our Genesys customers about providing great customer service during COVID-19. Watch the amazing CX Hero story from Telefonica about connecting people during an earthquake.
  • A Special CX Day Celebration Podcast. In this special CX Day celebration episode, hear from service agents at Butterball, Alberta Motor Association, and Camis who don’t hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure their customers are treated with exceptional service and care.
  • Beyond Customer Service Course. This is a free soft skills training course with tips for customer service representatives that addresses the top 10 skills every agent should have, how to handle difficult customers, and best practices for email, phone, and chat. At the end of the course, you’ll receive a certification of completion. Take the customer service best practices training and get your customer service certificate.
  • Genesys Hero Program. Genesys is announcing a new CX Hero, Norma Adriana Delgado from Telefónica. During an earthquake in Mexico City, Norma created a contact center in a secure building to open communications for customers, employees, and citizens. Read the Genesys Hero Telefonica blog.

Looking ahead, Genesys is committed to making CX a better experience overall, but especially for customer service representatives. Our cloud software orchestrates data and artificial intelligence across many channels, whether it’s voice, chat, or text, in order to provide you with the information you need, such as customer history, preferences, and, eventually, emotional queues, to deliver highly personalized experiences to your customers. This is our vision of Experience as a Service. It will transform the CX industry by enabling hyper-personalization.

So while we continue to work on the technology and expertise to transform the industry and make your day-to-day work lives a little easier, we thank you for your heroic work in 2020.