Genesys PureCloud Innovations for First-Half 2019

As digital, artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud converge, the Genesys® PureCloud® application continues to support the latest technologies. Our goal is to help you take advantage of what these technologies offer — and use them as differentiators for your own customers. In this blog, I’ll share some highlights of how we’ve enhanced the PureCloud app in the past six months.

I encourage you to view our on-demand webinar on innovations across the entire Genesys portfolio. And you’ll find even more details and context on new features in the Genesys Innovations Guide.

Orchestration for New Opportunities

  • Genesys Altocloud predictive engagement comes to the PureCloud app — and it pushes the door wide open to new business opportunities. Having visibility into customer website behavior lets you identify the best moment to engage. Your response could be as simple as steering a customer to the right interaction to complete an online application, for example. Or you could present a proactive chat that eliminates the need for a costly phone call.
  • Amazon Lex — The PureCloud app already integrates with Amazon Lex for voicebots and speech recognition. Now you can automate routine interactions using messaging bots powered by Genesys AI. Messaging channels include SMS, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, LINE and WhatsApp. In addition to connecting these text channels to Lex for speech recognition, you can weave third-party integrations into your call flows.

Omnichannel and Digital

  • Digital enhancements expand your options for engaging where your customers want to engage — whether it’s on the phone or via social platforms. You then can carry those interactions seamlessly across all channels. We’ve added support for Facebook, Line and WhatsApp. And for WhatsApp, you can also see when messages are actually delivered and trigger different workflows based on messaging accounts.

Quality Management and Workforce Management

  • By using either pre-built or custom web-based customer surveys, you can send URL links via SMS or email. If you use Amazon S3 storage, you also can export bulk recordings to your Amazon account.
  • Intraday rescheduling lets you quickly run new schedules if your environment changes. And your workforce gains more flexibility with AI-powered shift trading.

Analytics and Reporting

  • New performance dashboards let you add new drag-and-drop widgets or KPIs. Share these KPIs with agents and supervisors to keep them informed of how well you call center is performing.
  • IVR flow performance views let you monitor self-service for issues, such as where digital voice interactions are stuck inside IVR flows. You’ll have success, summary and detailed views — and combined historical and real-time views to see trends.

As IVR evolves into cognitive IVR, look for more simplified and personalized customer engagement across voice and digital.

Open Platform

PureCloud APIs let you integrate with just about any platform.

  • In addition to access control for all regions, there are more granular controls of PureCloud objects. You’ll also get more granular permission for users who have visibility into objects such as interactions, recordings, presence history and audit data.
  • Analytics API enhancements let developers pull in everything, including agent performance — and push it into other systems data.
  • If you’re creating integrations that you don’t intend to publicly commercialize, you can now use a private version of our embeddable client framework.

For European customers, PureCloud Voice, the 100% cloud-based solution using Genesys Telecom for phone service, is now available in Germany, Sweden, Finland and Belgium.

Coming Soon

All of these enhancements are part of our long-term PureCloud plans to add the features you’ve have requested. And there’s more coming later this year.

“Bring Your Own Bot” for the PureCloud app will offer integration and orchestration of any bot. You’ll be able to analyze and adjust your experiences for both automated and assisted interactions.

In winter 2019, we’ll add predictive routing, powered by Genesys AI, for the PureCloud product. It uses machine learning to optimize interactions and reduce overhead when managing static queues. It will also enable more efficient inbound call delivery to agents. The result is better agent performance, higher customer satisfaction and improved revenue generation.

View our on-demand webinar for more details on PureCloud enhancements and updates to the entire Genesys portfolio.