Genesys PureCloud Feature Friday and Its Genesis

Genesys® PureCloud® Feature Friday is back — and it’s better than ever. Now it’s social, including Facebook, LinkedIn and all the usual suspects, so you can absorb the content via user-friendly channels. And while that’s exciting news, what’s most important about PureCloud Feature Friday is why it exists in the first place.

Let’s take a step back. The PureCloud application was founded on a few guiding principles that make it the call center powerhouse it is today. Among those principles is the concept of continuous deployment, which is a way to provide feature updates on a continuous basis without the need to perform labor-intensive system updates on your end. In other words, one day a feature didn’t exist in the system — and the next day it did. And that didn’t require any effort. Many of you experience this on a daily basis and don’t even realize it.  For example, new features just appear in Facebook daily. There’s no fanfare, no big announcements, no effort on your part — just new bells and whistles to enjoy as you post, like and share.

Continuous deployment, however, is unique to contact centers built using a cloud architecture. For the majority of systems, updates take time and resources. That means companies put them on the back burner until they’re absolutely necessary. Why wait to make necessary, even required, changes that could differentiate your business? We believe you shouldn’t have to, and that’s why we purposefully built the PureCloud app to allow for continuous deployment, giving you updates and new features when you need them.

Steady Flow Vs. Massive Releases

Instead of releasing large batches of changes monthly or several times throughout the year, our microservices architecture allows us to continuously release updates and new features. In a microservices architecture, code changes are rapidly pushed through the delivery pipeline — from development to testing to staging to production — for end-user consumption. The new code is automatically released — efficiently and reliably — to bring service improvements to all users. This enables customers to consume them with little to no disruption.

This delivery model enables us to deploy small batches of changes, as needed, without interrupting the user experience. And that gives the PureCloud app the flexibility to quickly develop, test and release:

  • New features
  • Improved features
  • User interface enhancements
  • Security updates

Tune In for More

Continuous delivery means that you’re not locked into a specific version. When you subscribe to our service, you get the latest version, and you continue to have that version throughout the life of your subscription. And best of all, you can turn on new channels and features, such as webchat or outbound dialing, when you’re ready for them.

At the heart of it, Feature Friday lets you to stay up-to-date on all that the PureCloud app can do for you. Follow us on social media for the latest and greatest on the PureCloud app. You might even learn some cool new tricks about features you already use.