Genesys Predicts: 2018 – Live Stream Event

I’m a huge fan of podcasts. Every week I’m asking friends and colleagues if they have heard the latest edition of Revisionist History or forwarding a link to Reply All that moved me to action (like the episode that informed me that Facebook is attempting to gather 52,000 points of data on me). It is amazing the ease of access to great content on any topic that I have access to.

We wanted to do something like this at Genesys (i.e. bring you some really great content), but do it in a live format vs. a recorded podcast. And not just your standard audio webinar either. So we’ve decided to go big, or go home with our first ever live stream virtual event, Genesys Predicts: 2018.

As I started digging into the topics for this event on Wednesday, December 6, I got really excited about what we’ll be sharing. Our industry is at a major crossroads and change is happening everywhere. Just a few short years ago it would have seemed far-fetched that things like messaging apps, artificial intelligence and bots would be making their way into the contact center. But the fact is, if you haven’t started thinking about their impact, the time to do so is now. (And don’t worry… this is where the event can help out!)

Main Stage Panel Discussion

The event kicks-off with a main stage expert panel that will discuss how businesses can apply these emerging technologies to help meet the expectations of today’s consumer. The panel includes Loris Dumanian, Director of Delivery & Portfolio Management, Enterprise Services Sun Life Financial plus other Genesys experts from our solutions strategy, marketing and engineering teams. During the discussion, we’ll also give a sneak peek of the results from our own 2017 customer experience survey.

Choose Your Breakout

In the 2nd and 3rd hours, you’ll get to select from four breakout sessions that expand further on the topics of artificial intelligence, chatbots, analytics, employee engagement, and the future of high tech services. Each breakout will be repeated during the 3rd hour so you can pick two of the four breakouts that interest you most. Or, if you really want to attend all four, you can attend two during the live event then watch two via the on-demand option later.

And You’ll Want to Attend Live!

In addition to all of the great educational topics, participants can earn points during the event that can be used to get Genesys swag. My personal favorite is the t-shirt (aka my daily work attire), but if you’re one of those “suit and tie types” you can choose a coffee mug or other items, too.

Genesys Predicts: 2018 AGENDA Wednesday, December 6

      • 1pm EST Main Stage Expert Panel
        • 1:45pm – 2pm EST Intermission
          • Visit the Expo Hall
          • Chat with other attendees in the Lounge
      • 2pm EST Breakouts (4 to choose from – repeated again at 3:00 p.m. EST)
        • 2:45pm – 3pm EST Intermission
          • Visit the Expo Hall
          • Chat with other attendees in the Lounge
      • 3pm EST Breakouts (4 to choose from)
        • 3:45pm – 5pm EST
          • Visit the Expo Hall
      • 4pm EST Formal event ends
        • Expo Hall and event console remains open
        • Visit the expo hall, finish up conversations in the lounge
        • Select your Genesys swag (if you’ve earned your 50 points!)
      • 5pm EST expo hall and event console closes

Register today and mark your calendar. I hope to see you there. And would be great to hear your thoughts on this type of media and how you like to consume — podcasts, video, web content, eBooks, etc. If you have a minute, drop me a note and let me know your vote by tweeting me @danielrood