Genesys Predictive Routing Sees Growing Momentum and Early Results


Launched June 2021, Genesys Predictive Routing matches customers to agents to deliver the best customer experiences using next-generation turnkey artificial intelligence (AI). With real-time outcome prediction, matching customers with the best agent, Genesys Predictive Routing has helped companies deliver terrific customer experiences while resolving calls efficiently and effectively.

Within just 120 days, 47 Genesys customers and 35 partners began their product trials as part of our 90 days “Discover, Try, Buy” program. Since then, we’ve delivered significant improvements in average handle time (AHT) and call transfer rates across many contact center queues. First-generation AI solutions often relied on teams of data scientists, were difficult to deploy and maintain, and were extremely costly. That’s not the case with Genesys Predictive Routing. Feedback from our customers, partners and the marketplace has been overwhelmingly positive, especially around our ability to deliver complex routing functionality out of the box with a pay-as-you-use consumption model.

Probe Group, an Australian Business Process Outsourcing consultancy with 18,000 contact center agents, found that Genesys Predictive Routing reduced AHT by 14% and call transfers by 5%. Based on the efficiency gains, Probe Group estimates a reduced workload of between nine to 13 full-time agents.

“We wanted to match agents who sold better to certain types of customers — and Genesys Predictive Routing allows us to do that in a click of a button while improving a number of KPIs. These are material numbers, particularly in a commercial construct where the length of call equals workload.”

– Andrew Hume, CEO of Probe Group, on the success Genesys Predictive Routing provides the company

Continued Product Investment in Predictive Routing

With a team focused on delivering next-generation AI capabilities, Genesys is creating the future of AI; Genesys Predictive Routing is a cornerstone of that strategy. In late 2022, new capabilities will include support for email, web messaging and other digital channels, allowing companies to meet the needs of their customers in their preferred channels. We’re also adding support for third-party data sources to help customers drive even better customer and employee matching in real time. Additional data inputs enable a richer solution that improves matching logic which, in turn, drives better interaction outcomes. Integrating third-party data sources also allows organizations to optimize on more KPIs, such as sales or service metrics, helping them to more easily reach overall business goals.

Delivering AI-Driven Results — Risk-Free

Customers can rest assured that Genesys Predictive Routing can effectively deliver clear, measurable and transparent business results before buying in. Existing users have a 90-day free trial, in which they can run an A/B test on existing queues to clearly understand which queues have the most potential for the greatest improvement — all with zero upfront costs.

More Transparency and Trust

To provide even more transparency to our AI data model, customers will soon be able to see exactly which data points are being inputted into their routing logic so they can understand what the data inputs are and what data point influenced an outcome. Prior to this, companies had to trust their black-box solutions were accurate and aligned with how data should be used.

With key AI innovations like predictive routing, Genesys addresses more mission-critical use cases in the contact center — enabling more companies to deliver super human service. Learn more about Genesys Predictive Routing today.