Genesys Manila Outing Supports Team Atmosphere and Culture

In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, self-actualization is the highest requirement that a person must attain for self-fulfillment. A person’s full potential can be achieved by having a sense of accomplishment, strong relationships and creative activities. According to a 2018 Forbes article, managers should use this model to nurture employee happiness and growth. And the recent Genesys Manila team 2019 summer outing, which was themed “Get Together, Grow Together,” took this model to heart to build comradery and strengthen the Genesys culture.

The Genesys Cultural Framework: How We Do It
David Liddicoat, Manila Site Lead and VP, APAC Finance at Genesys, kicked off the outing with a town hall in which he discussed employee engagement, the Genesys benefits program and our financial position grows stronger and better. As an imperative part of the day that showed How We Own It, the leaders align with employees by setting proper plans and expectations to empower the team, optimize processes and innovate in all we do.

A few team-building games followed the town hall session. Having a strategic mindset during these games showed How We Think — a global perspective that further fosters the company’s culture. Building collaborative relationships and positive communications as well as having a single purpose helped the teams enjoy the games, demonstrating How We Interact. And the resiliency and adaptability of everyone involved in the event was a great example of How We Show Up.

The event concluded with entertainment from our very own Genesys Band, which consists of Manila office employees, who delivered an unforgettable party experience and entertainment. An event like this is just one of the reasons to consider Genesys as part of your integral success — for either personal or professional development.

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