Genesys G-Summit Roadshow Reaches Final 2018 Destination

Hundreds of customer experience enthusiasts gathered in Chicago to discuss the ever-changing climate of the contact center industry at the final Genesys G-Summit event of the year. Key takeaways from this Genesys event included what customer service providers are doing right—and wrong—in the digital age of the contact center.

At the event, Janelle Dieken, Senior VP Product and Solutions Strategy at Genesys, examined the biggest mistakes customer service providers make in the contact center. Here’s an overview of what she covered.

1. Zero-Context Customer Service

Many customers have been in a situation where they’ve explained their inquiry to one agent only to be transferred to another department where they must repeat the information. This siloed experience—where context is not carried out in a single phone call—degrades the customer journey. And agents often take the blame when they have no background to move the conversation forward.

This is why Genesys introduced Automation@Work with automated forecasting and the first-ever artificial intelligence (AI)-driven scheduling for contact centers. As part of our Winter Innovations 2018, we offer strategic integrations like Amazon Lex, the conversational engine behind Amazon Alexa, to bring more automation with bots—on voice or chat. This allows AI to assist in making routing decisions and bringing humanity back into an agent’s daily life.

“It’s not just AI for the sake of AI,” said Dieken. Genesys is committed to leading by example to use this powerful technology in the most thoughtful and ethical way possible. In Genesys CEO Paul Segre’s recent blog post, “It’s Time to Talk About AI Ethics,”  he outlines a set of standards that will serve as a guide to our future development strategy of AI. “We fully expect these preliminary guidelines to continually evolve as AI matures, Genesys capabilities expand, and our community of partners and customers contribute to the conversation,” he wrote.

2. Untailored Customer Experiences

Customers expect a clear answer the first time they contact you. But good contact center managers know that not every agent can be an expert in every subject. The key is to know your agents—using data about their skill sets, and scheduling and combining that with customer insights to connect the right people to reach the best business outcomes. This is a piece of cake when you use predictive routing.

Luke Sturek, Solution Lead Predictive Routing at Genesys, explained how we use omnichannel data, context and adaptive learning to achieve this perfect match. Combine that with a native integration to Performance DNA to detect skill gaps for each employee based on the agent scoring data, and you can drive employee success while providing a great customer experience.

3. Imposing Messaging

Very few people are excited to reach out to customer service. Often, customers expect it will be a difficult situation that takes up a significant portion of their day. During a captivating panel discussion, customer experience leaders from Whirlpool and Enova shared experiences about how they conquered their main fears—letting down their customers by providing a bad customer experience. During the panel, these experts, along with Bruno Bertini, VP of Americas Marketing at Genesys, discussed tactics used to transform their businesses with Genesys technologies. They all agreed that to stay ahead of the competition, businesses must look within and do what is right by their customers.

Imagine that a busy young mother has an inquiry about her new appliance, but she doesn’t have time to sit on hold for hours to talk to an agent over the phone, look through the manual or read the company website. With asynchronous messaging, she can send a message to the company and get a quick response—just as if she was texting with a friend. Without much friction, she gets the answers she needs. And this experience is what customers want.

In fact, according to a study by Dimension Data, messaging is the number one contact channel of choice for customers between the ages of 23 and 34. And messaging apps like WeChat, WhatsApp and Apple iMessage are overtaking social media, reported Business Insider. Now, Genesys customers can use asynchronous messaging for WeChat and Apple Business Chat and soon for WhatsApp with the PureEngageTM platform.

Genesys AppFoundry Marketplace at G-Summit

After a valuable agenda of conversations around new developments, attendees saw these technologies in action at the Networking Demo Reception. And a few Genesys technology partners who are featured in the AppFoundry Marketplace also demonstrated their integration productsThey are among hundreds more who innovate across all three Genesys platforms to offer a broad range of customer service applications, integrations, and solutions that address your unique needs. brings easy-to-use, intelligent knowledge management to the PureCloud® platform to help agents quickly find and solve customer issues on the first call.

Offered for all three Genesys platforms, Customer View from CR-X reveals information and insights for measurable performance improvement—no matter the channel.

Plantronics and Polycom united to showcase a wide selection of headsets and audio devices that are perfect for your Genesys contact center.

AudioCodes displayed an Integrated WebRTC Solution for the Genesys PureEngage contact center that enables a simple, cost-effective and quick deployment.

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