Genesys Customer Innovation Awards: Vodafone Shares Their Story

Vodafone, a 2016 Genesys Customer Innovation Award winner, unified their communications channels and took customer experience to new levels by differentiating service through digital, mobile and social channels. One of the largest telcos in Germany, Vodafone now serves customers 30 seconds faster, with one department handling 18 million monthly cross-channel contacts. In addition, Vodafone saw a turnaround in Net Promoter Scores.

For 13 years, the Genesys Customer Innovation Awards have bestowed the highest honor on organizations of all sizes who take the future by force to power the world’s best customer experiences. Our customers have shaped our industry, and we are excited to give them the spotlight.

I had an opportunity to catch up with the Innovation Award winner and a 2017 judge, Joerg Knoop, Head of Contact Center and Telesales Capabilities at Vodafone Germany. In 2016, Joerg nominated the Vodafone omnichannel customer journey story and shared how that transformation skyrocketed their Net Promoter Score.

When asked what advice he had for 2018 candidates, Knoop said, “Be brave, enter and tell your story.” Below is my complete interview with him.

What do you think made your 2016 nomination stand out and win?

Joerg Knoop: The key point of our nomination was building a true omnichannel platform contact center, having it all on one platform and expanding this across every channel. [It allowed us to see] customer interaction history and analyze and reflect on the customer experience. We could take action before the next contact came in.

Did you include statistics and facts in your entry?

Knoop: We included KPIs on the [nomination] form, including a reduction in average handle time [AHT] and improved customer experience.

How did winning the Innovation Awards impact Vodafone Germany and you?

Knoop: First, within our Vodafone Germany global community, we implemented a state-of-the-art system. People reached out and asked how it was done and the advantages. Personally, other Vodafone markets wanted to talk about the insights and wanted me to share the story about omnichannel implementation and the experience. They still ask today.

What was it like to be on the judging panel for the 2017 awards?

Knoop: It was a great experience and fun to see other the implementations and solutions being built on the Genesys suite. I was really overwhelmed by the scope and different directions that people had taken with the solutions.

What was your favorite experience from the Genesys Customer Innovation Awards?

Knoop: The awards ceremony and dinner with the winners in the evening—we shared stories about the industry and solutions. I was asked to attend the event in Brussels, and it was fun to meet the other winners and network with Genesys executives.

The 2018 Genesys Customer Innovation Awards acknowledges seven companies across five key categories of customer experience transformation, excellence, innovation, and impact. The awards, which are committed to recognizing the best of the best, are open to companies of all sizes, in all markets.

  • CX Globetrotter: The best global rollout of the Genesys customer experience platform
  • CX Innovator: The best omnichannel customer success story
  • CX Pioneer: The best new customer who is breaking silos with a fast deployment
  • CX Mover: The best cloud customer migration and/or deployment
  • CX Visionary: The best success story of switching from another platform to Genesys

Are you ready to nominate your company? Submit your nominations by March 5, 2018.