Gather Contact Center Insights with Speech and Text Analytics

Businesses collect an overwhelming amount of data throughout every channel. While contact centers use tools to collect and store data, its sheer volume makes it nearly impossible to evaluate and analyze it for customer satisfaction. Using artificial intelligence (AI)-powered speech and text analytics tools across existing recording, storage, and quality tools can close the loop on all that unused data.

Speech and text analytics tools work hand-in-hand with quality management processes and methodologies, making it easier to extract meaning and insights out of each interaction — even as the volume of interactions increase. And these insights empower supervisors and managers to identify trends and find common themes throughout agent and customer interactions.

Understanding How Speech and Text Analytics Works

Voice transcription transforms unstructured audio into text and structured data that, when combined with previous non-voice interactions, machine learning algorithms and natural language processing, detects meaning. This automates a previously manual task and makes it faster and easier for managers to analyze information.

Sentiment analysis — interpreting phrases based on attitudes customers and employees express — are grouped by positive, negative, or neutral sentiments or attitudes. This captures the context in which these interactions happened.

Next, topic spotting organizes and understands a large collection of text data and uses tags to highlight groups of data. It then categorizes a series of words and phrases to represent a topic or theme. This helps uncover hidden insights and trends.

These analyses feed the quality management process, giving managers and evaluators a visual interpretation of what’s happening during customer and agent interactions. They also can quickly navigate through interactions to connect the dots on recurring topics, attitudes and behaviors.

Elevating Customer and Employee Experiences

These text and speech analytics capabilities create a broader view of the business and the market. This allows companies to make better decisions, optimize internal processes, simplify analysis, identify trends and uncover customer needs. Contact center managers also can pinpoint opportunities for employee improvement and provide guidance that makes employees more efficient and productive and, ultimately, elevates the employee experience.

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