Find Your Path to a True Digital Customer Experience at Enterprise Connect

Becoming a true digital business is an imperative for the survival of your business as noted by Gartner’s CEO, Gene Hall.  Every company wants to be the disruptor – versus being disrupted. Becoming a digital business where they can offer a great customer experience across their key channels –  voice, web chat, video chat, text message, mobile, email, social, chatbots and more – is what they are looking to achieve.  Companies are striving to offer a seamless conversation across key channels, yet many are struggling due to limitations from their legacy contact center infrastructure. Older ACDs have left these companies with siloed interactions while their customers demand a seamless customer experience across channels.

Let’s look at a consumer example.   A March Madness basketball fan is comparing TVs on a retailer’s website, has 2 TV’s in their cart, but wants to talk to someone for more information.  Ideally, when they call the 1-800 number, the IVR shouldn’t ask them “what language do you speak.” It should be personalized and say “Jim, I noticed you were last on our website comparing TV’s.  Would you like to be routed to an expert who can help you decide and have it ready at your store when you arrive so you don’t miss the game?”  Unfortunately, many companies – especially very large enterprises – are saddled with legacy contact center infrastructure that make these true omnichannel conversations impossible. They struggle to provide even siloed, multi-channel conversations – let alone true omnichannel engagement due to ACDs and legacy systems.  They leave their customers with high-effort, impersonal journeys.  And all are at risk of being disrupted by more nimble digital businesses that are emerging in every industry.

Find your contact center’s path forward

Companies can leverage their legacy ACD investments to offer a next-gen customer experience by working with Genesys.  Today at Enterprise Connect, we announced our PureBridge assessment that allows enterprises to make the move from their legacy infrastructure to a next-gen customer experience. Read complete news here.

PureBridge assessments involve a discovery session to show what’s possible with a Genesys-powered customer experience.  We then map those possibilities to your company’s specific customer experience and business objectives, and to identify the capabilities required to reach those goals.  After a brief PureBridge assessment you will walk away with:

  • A picture, unique to you, of what’s possible for exceptional customer experiences, for empowering your employees, and for running your business in smarter ways.
  • An understanding of  how to realize that picture in steps derived from proven Genesys customer experience maturity models.
  • A discussion of your current environment and the migration strategies to realize your customer experience objectives.

If you are trying to offer a true digital customer experience with your legacy contact center infrastructure, Genesys can help you migrate at your own pace so you can leverage existing infrastructure while moving to a better customer experience.  What we have done helping over 10,000 companies – including the world’s largest enterprises, we are now bringing to companies stuck in old capabilities with their ACD infrastructure.

Cross the Bridge to Next-Generation Customer Engagement

Becoming a true digital business with a great customer experience across all your channels is critical for every company. With Genesys PureBridge assessment there is now a path forward to get there!

To learn more about a PureBridge assessement for your enterprise and see if you qualify for a complimentary assessment, stop by the Genesys booth 1906 at Enterprise Connect, March 27-29 or visit