Remove Constraints With Bring Your Own Carrier

The benefits of updating your contact center to a cloud application are considerable—unifying communications across your business, breaking down barriers between channels to streamline customer interactions, leveraging modern tools to grow and change with customer demands in the future. With such clear benefits, it seems like a simple choice. But voice can be a sticking point for many businesses who want to move to the cloud. Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) could be the solution.

Moving telephony to the cloud isn’t an option in various scenarios: You want to maintain the relationship with your local provider. You’re in a long-term contract you can’t break. You get great rates on domestic and international calls. Or you simply want to wait for existing infrastructure to fully depreciate. BYOC lets you reap the benefits of cloud tools while maintaining an existing telephony system.

Remove Constraints, Don’t Add Them

While the term “BYO-Anything” seems to imply that you need to bring something with you, BYOC works differently. With BYOC, you can access modern cloud-based tools with a new phone system or with one in which you’ve already invested. BYOC gives you options and allows you to make the best choice for your business.

Bring Your Own Carrier in Action

Think of a contact center platform provider as a farm-to-table restaurant. Having spent years tending to the ingredients and perfecting the menu, the “Communications Café” is confident that their dishes are delicious, and that their customers are happy. While they’ve crafted and served house-made wine for years—and will continue to offer a growing list of options to complement their cuisine and accommodate customers’ differing tastes—their primary focus is on the food.

That said, the café realizes that some customers have a wine they prefer more than those on the menu. To address this, the Communications Café introduced a Bring Your Own Bottle option. This allows customers who love the cuisine but are not as infatuated with the house wine, to bring their own bottles to pair with the cuisine. This flexibility gives customers options. If they appreciate the house wine they can order it; if they want to bring their own, that’s fine, too. They can choose to complement the main course with whatever wine they prefer. Either way, they know the food will still be delicious.

The Benefits of Choice

The Communications Café, much like Genesys, understands that customers crave flexibility. Some users enjoy the simplicity and ease that comes from having contact center services and voice services with a single provider. Others have reasons to stay with an existing telephony system—but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have access to the latest tools. A BYOC solution enables you to pair an existing telephony infrastructure with a cloud application provider to maintain existing voice tools and reap the benefits of cloud for media processing.

Check out our on-demand webinar for more information about BYOC. An expert panel that includes the VP of Product at Bandwidth and Senior VP of Product at Genesys tackle questions about when to consider BYOC, how to implement it and what to watch for. Gain clarity and technical guidance about telephony options while your business migrates to the cloud.