CX Migration Secret #1: Your Contact Center Migration Isn’t a Project

In our “CX Migration Secrets” series, we’ve exposed misconceptions related to nearly every aspect of moving from a legacy system to a modern customer experience platform. But there’s still one more secret, and it could be the most important one for your long-term success: understanding that your customer experience migration isn’t a project — it’s a relationship.

Many vendors focus on readiness assessments, implementation, training, and support. But they also should communicate specifically how they mitigate risk and accelerate business value in the process. If your vendor approaches your migration as a project — with fixed start and end dates that are accompanied by a license transaction — that’s usually a sign they’ll move on quickly when the project is complete. Getting the anticipated results and value for your investment is left up to you. Training, maintenance, and support are necessary components, but not typically value-add ones; they only play a small part in your future success.

Your migration story shouldn’t end at deployment. Your provider should be with you all the way. With a provider who sees themselves as a long-term partner in your continued success, you’ll take advantage of enablement and training, tailored customer care, change management guidance, and post-migration value realization services to ensure you reach expected outcomes — or have a plan to get there. This partner should be with you on your journey as you use, evolve and plan going forward. And you should know how they’ll help you maximize your investment with additional learning paths, optimize for continued growth and apply the product roadmap so you use their innovations to your best advantage.

Train for Customer Experience Excellence

Having skilled people who can use technology to deliver your desired outcomes boosts your ROI. IT teams need to know the software and understand their roles in your customer experience operation.

Investigate if your vendor offers training courses designed to drive adoption of the new solution. Beyond individual courses, look for prescriptive learning paths for different organizational roles and planned outcomes. Ask if there are any technical certification scholarships or free self-paced online courses to further ease adoption.

In addition to formal training, ask if your vendor provides other customer resources, such as:

  • A community of experts who respond to questions, offer advice and provide input during the preparation and execution of your migration to a new platform
  • Curated content, training, and information that you’ll find helpful while transitioning
  • Online materials that offer rich, interactive content such as videos, how-to guides, knowledge checks and terminology mapping

Expertly Manage Change

Every change affects your most valuable resource — your people. It’s important to evaluate all job roles and responsibilities, processes, and skill development tactics. It’s equally important to ensure buy-in and adoption for any change within the organization. Preparing for change leads to a more seamless transition and increased value realization. With expert-led advisory services, you can ensure your project focuses on the initial vision and desired business outcomes. And with consultation following your assessment, you’ll be certain that these efforts are planned and conducted in concert with the overall project plan and your specific needs. Find out what your vendor offers to assist with change management.

Validate Value

There are compelling business reasons driving your customer experience migration and likely, a set of expected results from the effort. If your vendor conducts pre-migration assessments to capture initial business drivers, assess the current environment and collect data points, it should be possible to validate measurable business outcomes post-migration. Ask if they offer a post-migration value realization service that compares target KPIs to actual KPIs. And be sure you understand how they perform the analysis as well as what happens when planned objectives aren’t met.

Follow a Recipe for Customer Success

At Genesys, we’ve used our 30 years of experience to create the PureSuccess plan, which can lead you toward desired results to deliver the right experiences to your customers. The PureSuccess framework consists of three key components.

  • Expert guidance: Receive coaching and recommendations along the way from your Genesys Advisor.
  • Clear goals: Jointly develop a vision of what success looks like and how to track progress every step of the way.
  • Accelerated results: Realize rapid results with engagements tailored to all phases of your customer experience journey.

A reputation can take years to build, but only a moment to destroy. Don’t settle for “good enough” when it comes to how you treat your customers. Instead, become a better version of yourself by partnering with customer experience professionals who have the skills to deliver results and adapt to change.

Migrating a customer experience platform isn’t simple; there are real risks to mitigate and tangible business outcomes to achieve. You’ll need to master specialized skills, learn new processes and adopt software before you reach your vision of success. Our approach prepares you for the needs and challenges you’ll face along the way. And we understand this takes more than just a migration project plan — it takes a relationship. You’re not in this alone.

Hear more in the upcoming webinar “CX migration secrets revealed,” with guest speaker Stephen Leaden, President of Leaden Associates and Jorge Hurtado Anton, Sales Program Director, EMEA at Genesys. Or download our executive brief, “Genesys prescriptive migration,” to learn more about our proven methodology.

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