Choose Your New Way Forward: Replace Your Large Avaya Contact Center

In 1933, during the height of the depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt instilled confidence in beleaguered Americans by uttering the famous quote, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Fast forward 85 years, and these words continue to ring true, especially for IT professionals struggling with the limitations of legacy Avaya contact centers. With financial risk still a concern after Avaya emerges from bankruptcy and rapidly evolving customer expectations, it’s no surprise that uncertainty abounds. Yet, the growing challenges are exactly why an increasing number of companies are moving forward and managing their risk by replacing their aging technology.

In our four-part blog series, Choose Your New Way Forward, we dive into four proven contact center migration strategies to highlight that there really is nothing to fear but fear itself. For this first post, we look at one strategy option – replacing your large Avaya contact center with the Genesys Customer Experience Platform.

Migrating your contact center in a single shot
There are a variety of reasons why it may make sense to take the major step of removing all dependencies on Avaya at once. These include:

  • Desire to manage risk through diversification
  • Need to innovate to stay competitive
  • Cloud first approach, particularly if you’re facing substantial upgrade costs
  • Tired of investing in an aging contact center technology that no longer meets all your needs
  • Concerned IT staff will move to new opportunities to work with the latest technologies

Existing Avaya telephony?
One of the many benefits of migrating to the Genesys Customer Experience Platform is that telephony deployment can be phased in to maximize any remaining lifespan of existing Avaya voice infrastructure. Agents can continue to use Avaya for telephony until you’re ready to make the switch. When the time is right, migration is fast and seamless.

A new way forward for one company
In the case of Sasktel, a leading information and communications provider in Saskatchewan, Canada, an aging Avaya system was hindering their ability to meet customer expectations. Like other companies, they had questions and concerns about switching to more advanced technology. They turned to Genesys for answers and to guide their migration from their legacy system to the Genesys Customer Experience Platform. Once pre-migration planning and testing were completed, the migration was simple and straightforward.

“We only had to flip the switch for the actual migration,” says Patty Friesen, Enterprise Architect at Sasktel. “We identified where we could fail and took the necessary steps to mitigate any potential issues. We were very confident when we did flip that switch.”

With the platform in place to support their ongoing success, Sasktel continues to transform their contact center by adding new solutions to continuously improve their customer experience. Find out more about Sasktel’s journey by watching the on-demand webinar How Large Contact Centers Are Managing Risk as CCIM Vendors Struggle.

Overcome the fear and find your way
There is an old German proverb, “Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is.” In the case of replacing your Avaya contact center, migration is easier than you think, and Genesys is here to help.

Read our new digital white paper The best way forward for large Avaya contact centers to learn more about risk mitigation options that best fit your organization’s needs and goals.