Choose Your New Way Forward: Moving to the Cloud

Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “What we fear of doing most is usually what we most need to do.” For many IT leaders, evolving away from an aging Avaya contact center can be a considerable source of fear and anxiety, even when there’s much to be gained from a more modern solution. There are plenty of decisions to be made, including whether it’s the right time to overcome the uncertainty of moving from premise to the cloud.

In this final blog in our four-part series, Choose Your New Way Forward, we’re looking at why an Avaya contact center replacement or addition is the ideal opportunity to evaluate the cloud. With Genesys PureEngage Cloud, you not only can begin mitigating your Avaya risk, you gain many other valuable benefits.

True Omnichannel Capabilities

Whether you’re supporting two channels or 20, today’s customers want to seamlessly shift between them. With a single global customer experience platform, you can overcome the limitations of a legacy, voice-centric system and deliver the omnichannel experience that’s required to stay competitive.

Limitless Scalability

If you’re already managing international operations or plan to in the future, it’s important to have the technology in place to scale limitlessly. A single cloud platform can power interactions anywhere in the world, so you can add support staff worldwide as you need them.

World-Class Security and Reliability

Many businesses with on-premise Avaya contact centers still have concerns over security in the cloud despite wide-scale adoption. Fortunately, selecting a proven cloud provider can mitigate many of these concerns. Genesys cloud solutions have multiple layers of advanced security measures, as well continuous monitoring to head off any potential security threats. You also gain the peace of mind of geo redundant high availability and disaster recovery to provide enterprise-grade reliability. Additionally, Genesys must regularly pass several industry certifications and external audits.

Ongoing Innovation

Customer expectations are evolving rapidly as are the technologies to support them. With a Genesys cloud solution, you gain the competitive advantage of unmatched R&D and customer experience expertise from providers and partners. You also benefit from an open architecture to quickly add the latest and greatest technologies and customize them for your specific business needs.

The Power of Choice

“On the other side of fear lies freedom.” This old adage should provide reassurance to any IT leader who feels uncertain about moving away from an aging contact center system. When it comes to mitigating your Avaya risk with the Genesys customer experience platform, you have the freedom to choose your deployment – whether it’s cloud, on-premise or hybrid. You can even choose a subscription model if you prefer on-premise. Identifying what’s right for your business starts with determining what best supports your corporate, customer experience and IT strategies. And, Genesys is here to support your success with the right mix of support, training and tools.

Learn more about taking that first step in migrating away from a legacy Avaya contact center in our digital white paper The Best Way Forward for Large Contact Centers.