Choose Your New Way Forward: Adding Self-Service to Your Legacy Avaya Contact Center

In 2018, businesses are expected to continue their rapid shift toward customer centricity. As consumers increasingly want fast and convenient interactions, self-service channels have taken center stage. This has created a challenge for large Avaya contact centers with outdated self-service capabilities.

In this third blog in our four-part series, Choose Your New Way Forward, we’re focusing on the option of adding self-service to enhance a legacy Avaya contact center that still has years of useful life. The Genesys Customer Experience Platform enables a way forward to provide the level of self-service customers want while maximizing existing technology investments.

The Power of Self-Service
In the Forrester report 2017 Customer Service Trends: Operations Become Smarter and More Strategic , Principal Analyst Kate Leggett predicted that companies would be extending and enhancing their self-service capabilities. Across industries, the prediction came true, and the trend is poised to continue well beyond 2018. In fact, companies lagging in adopting advanced self-service capabilities may be missing the boat when it comes to sustaining customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

As customers have grown to appreciate the ease of self-service, the technology has also advanced considerably. Today’s interactive voice response (IVR) systems offer much more than a series of touch-tone options. Best-in-class IVR applications put customer experience first and are designed to replicate conversational flows and intelligently respond to customers. The result is customers feeling empowered to handle their issues while appreciating the convenience of not having to engage with an agent.

Overcome the Challenge of a Legacy Avaya System
As the self-service drumbeat gets louder, companies with Avaya investments with remaining years of life have been faced with the challenge of how to overcome the limitations of their existing system while also keeping up with greater demand for omnichannel self-service.

Although it may not be the ideal time to replace your Avaya contact center, you can provide the level of self-service customers want and need. With the Genesys Customer Experience Platform, you can provide customers with self-service interactions that are simple, efficient and available any time, over any channel. Automate routine transactions and customer interactions while personalizing service by using customer information from CRM and other back-end systems. Maintain context across channels to ensure the conversation is always seamless.

Make It Happen
Self-service success starts with the deployment of the Genesys Customer Experience Platform which offers a set of solutions that complement your Avaya environment. This addresses immediate needs while providing a clear path for the future as customer expectations and business needs evolve. Choose a cloud or on-premise deployment. Pay up-front or over time. You have choices, and Genesys is here to help you get started with a plan that fits your business needs and priorities.

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