Celebrating Customer Experience Innovation in Nashville

As a creative epicenter, Nashville has long been a draw for talented people on the cutting edge of innovation, making it the ideal location for CX18. This week, we’re delighted to host our annual flagship customer experience conference in “Music City” and welcome customers, partners, developers and industry experts.

The theme of this year’s event, Connect, Engage, Innovate, is fitting as we explore innovations in artificial intelligence, asynchronous messaging and the Internet of Things (IoT), along with journey management from our recent acquisition of Altocloud. We’re excited to share how Genesys and our AppFoundry partners are already using these next-generation technologies to help businesses elevate the experiences they can deliver to their customers and provide insight into where we’re headed next.

A highlight of CX18 is the knowledge-sharing and problem-solving that occurs among all of our attendees across the Genesys community. Our Customer Innovation Award winners are prime examples of this. It’s exciting to hear stories about how they’ve used Genesys as the engine to address challenges and pain points in new and creative ways so they can deliver a better experience to their customers.

Providing the Foundation to Give Back

At Genesys, we are committed to the communities in which we live, work and do business. We take pride in the fact that we make lives better for consumers and employees and are particularly thrilled when they improve their communities as well. One stand-out example of this is Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator (“Harambee”). This amazing story of giving back to the community is especially noteworthy—it even inspired a new category in the Customer Innovation Awards, “CX Gamechanger: Best Story of Making a Difference with CX Technology.”

Harambee connects poverty-stricken South African youth to employers looking for entry-level talent. Before using the PureConnect™ platform, Harambee made about 50,000 call attempts a month. Now, it makes up to 1.5 million attempts. Not to mention, it has increased engagement with candidates by 32 percent and improved workforce productivity by 45 percent.

But that’s not what strikes me most about this story. Rather, while they are using Genesys technology to achieve some truly compelling business outcomes, we’re also fueling their ability to change lives. It is especially powerful when you consider Harambee operates in a market with one of the highest unemployment rates in the world.

Ditching Old Systems in Favor of Genesys

This year, there is also plenty of buzz around the significant gains hundreds of companies are experiencing as they replace their legacy contact center systems with the Genesys Customer Experience Platform. I am happy to share a few of these companies, and they happen to be Customer Innovation Award winners too.

Heineken Mexico moved from a legacy platform to Genesys PureConnect and has since made measurable improvements to both their customer experience and productivity. In fact, the company enhanced call effectiveness by over 40 percent and improved sales success by 6 percentage points, all while increasing agent efficiency, resulting in a 1.5 hour per agent reduction in the workday.

Another example is Affinbank Berhad, which moved to the PureEngage™ platform for its true omnichannel customer engagement capabilities. Since the migration, it realized a 60 percent improvement in telesales performance, 84 percent reduction in call abandonment rates, and 50 percent increase in agent productivity.

And one of New Zealand’s largest banks, Westpac New Zealand, replaced a legacy on-premises Avaya platform with the PureCloud® platform. This migration enabled the bank to reduce infrastructure costs, increase outbound customer care calls by 100 percent and achieve rapid time-to-value by getting its first customer care agents up and running in just three months.

I’m proud that we have hundreds of success stories like these.

The 2018 Customer Innovation Award Winners

But today I want to focus on eight special companies. We have the honor to recognize these companies for achieving exceptional customer experience and remarkable customer service innovation and transformation:

  • CX Globetrotter: Best Global Rollout of the Genesys Platform – Emirates Airline
  • CX Visionary: Best Success Story of Switching to Genesys from Another Platform – Heineken Mexico
  • CX Pioneer: Best New Customer, Breaking Silos with a Fast Deployment (Small) – Affinbank Berhad
  • CX Pioneer: Best New Customer, Breaking Silos with a Fast Deployment (Mid-sized) – QuinStreet
  • CX Pioneer: Best New Customer, Breaking Silos with a Fast Deployment (Large) – VIPKID
  • CX Mover: Best Cloud Customer Migration and/or Deployment – Westpac New Zealand
  • CX Innovator: Best Omnichannel Success Story – Bradesco Next
  • CX Game Changer: Best Story of Making a Difference with CX Technology – Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator

Congratulations to each and every one of you! We are proud to be your partner and thank you for allowing Genesys to provide the foundation that allows you to innovate and deliver outstanding customer experience every time.

As we share our innovations, honor CX pacesetters and plan for the future throughout this amazing week, I’d like to personally thank our sponsors, partners, attendees and Genesys employees who have contributed to making this event so amazing and valuable for all involved. Together, we’re making every moment count and creating ground-breaking customer experiences.