Candid Conversations: Improving Customer Engagement and Agent Productivity

We hear a lot in our industry about customer experience (CX), but not as much about digital experience (DX). So, what does DX mean for the contact center?

Erica Deahl recently joined me for the Customer Experience Insights podcast to talk about digital experience, what it is and how it benefits customers. In this episode, we’ll explore how the pandemic has accelerated the use of digital channels, how conversational artificial intelligence (AI) is changing and the importance of empowering your agents.

Taking a New Approach to Conversational AI

When done properly, conversational AI allows companies to know what a customer wants before the customer even knows what they want. It’s an outside-in approach to listening.

To accomplish this, Genesys takes both a power-of-choice approach and a guided approach. It’s what Erica refers to as an “intent-based, knowledge-everywhere” approach. With a centralized source of knowledge that isn’t just driven by chatbots or voicebots, companies receive guidance and support across channels. And this can be built on over time, so it’s leveraged wherever and whenever it’s needed for each customer persona. This creates a conversational AI experience that’s appropriate and optimal.

This new approach to conversational AI also means CX managers don’t need to involve IT teams each time they what to build something new. It can be done with a simple user interface. By using real-time business insights and the Voice of the Customer, companies can continually enhance and optimize their approaches to conversational AI.

Focusing on Agents

By bringing together the power of the Genesys Cloud™ platform, its routing capabilities and predictive engagement elements, you can focus on your agents who are providing support.

“To round out Experience as a ServiceSM, you must empower the people providing live support and give your agents the next-best action,” said Deahl. “Taking an empathetic approach to engagement is just as important as — if not more important than — the AI-powered interactions that are applied directly to the customer.”

“By allowing a centralized knowledge base and centralized conversational AI structure, you can take not only customer feedback and the Voice of the Customer, but also feedback from the agents. It’s like a flywheel approach that is constantly improved by different end users in different points of the conversation. Managers get all the data and insights they need to make a data-driven decision.”

Listen to the podcast to hear more about the Genesys vision for digital experience regarding engaging everywhere, AI-powered support and agent productivity.