Become a Routing Rockstar with True Omnichannel Routing

As a music lover with a collection of over 10,000 LPs, I often think of music analogies when it comes to customer experience and contact centers. Recently, while contemplating common customer challenges, I thought of an old song from Jeff Lynne and his classic rock band Electric Light Orchestra. In their 1976 Top Ten hit, “Telephone Line,” Lynne croons, “I’d tell you everything, if you’d pick up that telephone.” While the lyrics are about feeling abandoned and love lost, they also ring true for today’s customers who increasingly feel abandoned suffering the consequences of service-hindering, queue-based routing.

Too often, customers are left feeling frustrated and that their needs are not being met. From extended hold times and high transfer rates to system instability, routing-related problems are increasing and propelling customers to look elsewhere for businesses that offer better service.

Is Your Routing Out of Tune?

Like a bad song that you can’t get out of your head, a contact center solution with limited routing capabilities hits all the wrong notes and just won’t go away. Many IT organizations try to adapt their aging, voice-centric infrastructures to meet rapidly evolving needs by adding digital communication channels and point solutions. Yet, this doesn’t address the overriding challenges of queue-based routing that limit visibility, data, business users and customers, nor does it support a differentiated, personalized, omnichannel customer experience.

An Orchestrated Approach

Most music experts share the opinion that Jeff Lynne is one of rock and roll’s most talented maestros, well-known for his ability to produce complex, fully orchestrated arrangements. Not unlike talented musicians, today’s IT professionals responsible for contact center operations also need impressive orchestration abilities. With the average contact center now supporting nearly 10 communication channels, they must seamlessly conduct the routing of customers across a multitude of digital and voice channels. This is impossible with an outdated contact center solution. For customers to sing your praises, you need the right routing solution in place to support their journeys and meet their expectations. A cloud-based customer experience platform that supports true omnichannel routing is the instrument to make that happen.

With true omnichannel routing capabilities, the role of IT is redefined, shifting from just maintaining the contact center environment to optimizing it. There is no longer the need to continuously adjust routing manually. Instead, time can be spent creating valuable routing treatments that serve as key customer experience differentiators. With customers increasingly wanting personalized experiences, you can deliver tailored and targeted journeys, using customer history and real-time context.

Hit the Right Note

With an omnichannel approach to routing, you also gain increased visibility and understanding across channels. Skills and skill sets can be filtered on or drilled into across the entire virtual resource pool. You’ll also have greater insights into a single source of truth across all resources and interaction types. The result is substantially improved insights that enable you to create fine-tuned business decisions.

True Omnichannel Routing – Music to Your Customers’ Ears

Unlike Jeff Lynne who has been honing his musical talent for more than 50 years, you can become a routing rockstar by deploying the Genesys Customer Experience Platform. It will enable your organization to keep up with the speed of today’s business and maybe even make your customers stand up and cheer.

Are you tired of your existing contact center solution provider’s same old tune? Ready to become a routing rockstar? Check out our tip sheet Best Practices for Contact Center Routing.