Seven Golden Rules of CX: Guest Post by Bruce Temkin

How can companies come close to achieving their ambitions? By following the golden rules of customer experience. We’ve all heard a version of the Golden Rule “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” In a recent webinar, I translated that concept into The Seven Golden Rules of Customer Experience. Here’s a summary of the rules:

#7 – Only ask if you plan to act.  Treat customer feedback as a limited asset; don’t waste customers time by asking survey questions that you do not plan to, or have the ability to, act upon.

#6 – Mobile-ize your customer processes.  As mobile devices gain even more momentum, you need to design processes that take advantage of these distributed digital devices, not just build apps and mobile websites.

#5 Tap into the power of “why?” People want to affiliate with brands that have a sense of purpose, so make sure you communicate “why” to customers and employees.

#4 Make every ending count.  The way an experience ends has a disproportional impact on how customers remember the entire experience. So make sure to focus your attention on these key moments.

#3 Build your brand from the inside out. Strong brands aren’t just asserted in advertisements, they represent what employees believe to be true about the company.

#2 – Treat employees as assets, not costs. Engaged employees work harder, stay later, and make more recommendations. You can’t create or sustain great customer experience with disengaged employees.

#1 – Focus on customer journeys, not interactions.  Your company is not the center of your customers’ universe. Examine how your customers go about their lives and find ways to create value in their lives.

By following these golden rules of CX, your organization will be on the path to becoming a customer experience leader. Listen to the entire webinar – available OnDemand – to hear more about The Seven Golden Rules of Customer Experience.


Bruce Temkin is the Managing Partner & Customer Experience Transformist  at the Temkin Group. Bruce is widely viewed as a leading expert in customer experience. He has worked with hundreds of large organizations on defining and accelerating their customer experience journeys. He is also the Chair and co-founder of the Customer Experience Professionals Association.