5 Tips on Using Blended AI to Improve Customer Experience in 2018

Every business wants to be a leader in adopting artificial intelligence (AI) technology because of the enormous potential to improve customer experience. But without sound guidance, it may seem expensive and difficult to start and leave you feeling stuck in a rut. Blended AI puts a new perspective on integrating artificial intelligence.

Consider Genesys as a partner who can jump-start the process. We have 25 years of experience in customer and employee engagement, solving problems for businesses across industries and the globe to become customer experience leaders. Our team of experts can help design a strategy that’s right for you.

To get going, we have compiled the highlights of 5 blogs with tips on:

  • Getting started with AI for customer experience (and the holidays)
  • Demonstrating customer experience success with smaller AI (and holiday) applications
  • Designing a strategy for your long-term Blended AI (and holiday) needs

Train your AI Dragon with MicroApps

Read how a Viking turned a powerful dragon into a friend in the same way that businesses can turn the AI dragon into a friend. Using pre-built MicroApps lets you start quickly, easily and improve customer experience and business outcomes. Read this blog and download the MicroApps catalog for more than 80 pre-built and configurable MicroApps—designed to meet self-service needs across a range of industries. Read the blog.


Don’t Put Customer Experience in Jeopardy: Get Started with Artificial Intelligence

Read this blog and view this fun and informative webinar in a Jeopardy game show style about Blended AI for customer experience. You’ll get details on market trends and some surprising findings from a recently conducted global survey by Forrester. Read the blog.





Win the CX Game of Thrones with Blended AI

When you play the CX Game of Thrones, your business wins or perishes on the customer experience it provides. Learn how using Blended AI can transform customer experience and journeys across channels. Be prepared for spoilers from season 7 Game of Thrones! Read this blog to download our Blended AI for Customer Experience eBook for detailed use cases with video demonstrations for Blended AI.  Read the blog.



Don’t be a Turkey when it Comes to Blended AI for Customer Experience 

Read what Forrester Research says about how blended AI is the secret ingredient to customer and agent satisfaction—and maybe you’ll get some Thanksgiving recipes, too! Read this blog and download the whitepaper and infographic for market trends and findings for Blended AI from a global survey recently conducted by Forrester.  Read the blog.



Blended AI at the North Pole – The Secret to Santa’s Omnichannel Journey

Discover the secret to Santa Claus’s omnichannel journey and how he leverages Blended AI to improve Customer (kids) Experience! Sign up for a FREE ‘build a bot in half a day’ workshop and start your Blended AI journey today! Read the blog and reserve your seats quickly!




Fill Your Holidays with Blended AI Cheer!

There’s no good reason to miss out on providing great customer experience and sales opportunities. Start leveraging your rich existing systems, skills and data and lead your company and team into an AI-assisted future.

Are you ready to spread AI cheer these holidays? Sign up for a FREE “Build a Bot in Half a Day” workshop. Start your Blended AI journey into 2018!

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