5 Key Elements for a Successful Virtual Contact Center

We all know the saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Well, the same can apply to a Virtual Contact Center — although we’re getting closer.

Not too long ago, the Genesys customer experience team set out on a journey to transform the way it engages with customers and prospects, and it started with replacing its legacy infrastructure. The team made the move to a cloud contact center to support its 21 employees spread across 8 countries and 11 different languages. Like any mission-critical project, determining the resources needed, gathering the requirements, implementing the design, carrying out rigorous testing and ensuring quick deployment were all part of the 6-week roll-out.

So, what made this a success, you may ask? Below are five key elements to ensure the successful transition to a virtual call center — take a look:

  1. Cost Savings — deploy quickly with no CAPEX, while improving operational expenses and agent productivity
  2. Virtualized workforce — support a global workforce in multiple languages over multiple devices to let your agents work from anywhere
  3. Teamwork and visibility — get your virtual team on the same page (literally) with unified reporting and business monitoring
  4. Customization and personalization — customizing usage based on real-time needs is crucial, along with making it easy to adjust and scale where necessary
  5. Improved customer experience — enables a direct impact on business performance by empowering you to provide a great customer experience

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