3 Reasons to Keep AppFoundry on Your Radar in 2018

If the name AppFoundry doesn’t sound familiar, you are definitely missing out! Since our debut in 2015, over 2,500 Genesys customers have utilized our enterprise marketplace to solve critical business needs and enhance their customer experience strategy. Think of a galleria where you can browse for solutions that fit like a glove into your Genesys customer experience platform—whether it’s PureEngage, PureConnect or PureCloud. In 2017, the AppFoundry marketplace has grown rapidly with now over 155 integrations that are perfectly orchestrated by Genesys Technology Partners to help you achieve excellence in customer experience. You don’t want to miss what AppFoundry has in store for you this year, and here are three reasons why:

1. Genesys Customers Love It!

They don’t call us the leaders in the industry for nothing. We understand that as your business grows, so do your customers’ expectations. And we know that if your customers are happy, you are happy. That’s why we make it possible for you to choose from a variety of value-added solutions that are just right for your business. Whether your contact center is in need of a serious digital makeover or you simply want to retain skilled and engaged agents, we have what you need to conquer those 2018 resolutions. The holiday downtime may be long forgotten, but there’s always a good excuse to binge-watch some useful AppFoundry webinars showcasing some of our favorite integrations available for you.

2. We Don’t Discriminate

No matter which of the three Genesys platforms you’re operating to connect with your customers, AppFoundry has a solution. While the program started exclusively with PureEngage offerings, the doors opened for more variety as our platform portfolio grew with the acquisition of Interactive Intelligence in 2016. Last year, many PureConnect integrations joined the marketplace, with new PureCloud solutions close behind. Additionally, our partners serve a wide range of industries from banking to healthcare in order to help you optimize the agent and end-user experience for great business outcomes.

3. Innovation – Not Just a Hype

This word gets thrown around A LOT, but just like Artificial Intelligence – but it’s not just a buzzword when it comes to the AppFoundry. You will find that our Technology Partners are actually executing next-generation capabilities in the Genesys omnichannel experience. Partners like nGUVU bring today’s reality to your contact center by using Machine Learning-based predictive analytics to forecast workforce performance and other KPIs. Or Vidyo and their expertise in video collaboration that can enable a contact center agent to seamlessly escalate a customer interaction to a high-quality video conference directly from the Genesys Agent Desktop.

While we continue to expand with more and more solutions from a diverse mix of partners, we want to be sure to extend our range of capabilities within the marketplace to make it simple for you to launch a new solution. That’s why we have established the Accessory Application model, allowing you to purchase anything on the AppFoundry through your current Genesys account relationship.

Want to learn more? Come meet many of our AppFoundry Partners at CX18 in Nashville, TN on May 1st – 4th. We’re bringing back the Partner Demo Battle and DevCon is also coming to CX18! Bringing together the brightest minds in development, DevCon goes deep into SDK and API talk with dedicated technical tracks, a DevLounge hosted by Genesys architects and engineers, and a Hackathon. Register for CX18 today!