3 Characteristics for a Successful Customer Experience Transformation

Companies that are known for offering great customer experiences all possess three main characteristics that are critical to change management:

  1. Knowing their end customers and having a clear customer experience vision
  2. Making use of great technology to bring their vision to reality
  3. Ensuring flawless execution that leaves nothing unplanned and unaddressed

The Genesys Professional Services team has delivered thousands of customer experience implementations. We’ve seen a great number of successful projects, but also some with mixed results. This made me wonder why not every company sees success, even though they’re using the same Genesys technology. It seems, in those cases, there were two major challenges at the beginning and end stages of the project timelines.

Projects are like marathons. You’re excited at the beginning and you might want to rush it and go out too fast. But great runners know how important it is to calm themselves, reflect and plan for the full journey ahead. Another critical milestone is when you’re close to the finish — you might be tired and want to get it over with. But experienced marathon runners carefully plan for the final sprint to ensure a strong finish and victory. The same planning should be present in your customer experience transformation project.

1. Start your transformation project with a “Business Analysis” phase, where you review your customer experience strategy and support that vision with industry-specific and Genesys best practices. Next, follow a methodology that evaluates the customer experience objectives and identifies pain points. After that, obtain an understanding of your end users, who they are and how they engage with your company — which channels they prefer to use.

Following the customer journey gives you a better understanding of how agents are engaged for assisted support, when to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) tools and what agents need to know to complete a customer request. Finally, evaluate how you’ll measure success, plan for the future, and ensure staffing and quality. The comprehensive business analysis approach enables you to clearly articulate the customer experience vision in the context of the Genesys solution. And you’ll ensure a thorough yet agile approach to achieve it.

2. Great business outcomes aren’t simply the result of great technology; they’re also the result of the optimal adoption and utilization of technical solutions. Genesys helps you prepare for change management activities, ensuring that when you cross the finish line, all stakeholders and team members are excited and ready to adopt the new customer experience solution. People will know how to use the system, with the processes implemented, and can adjust for a smooth transition.

At Genesys we have a proven, yet simple seven-step methodology that covers all aspects of change management — starting from capturing your vision through communication and sponsorship. Our methodology ensures continuous alignment among all functions by involving relevant stakeholders. And it includes a change management team who takes ownership and drives those activities, addressing all aspects within three core categories: people, processes and technology. Finally, it ensures that people are trained at the right time and that you have what you need to measure outcomes and celebrate success. By using those best practices pillars, the change management service rapidly benchmarks organizational maturity and facilitates the alignment of strategic goals to tactical plans.

Bringing It All Together
By beginning your project with business analysis, you can clearly articulate the customer experience vision in the context of the Genesys project — and ensure a thorough plan to achieve it. Rapidly deploying the Genesys technology using best practices and automation tools guarantees quality; you’re using established processes and thorough testing.

In addition, having a comprehensive execution plan that includes not only technical deployment activities but also change management, readiness, and adoption activities will ensure that operations teams also experience a smooth transition.

Genesys approaches projects with these key objectives in mind. We partner with you to support you not only with best-in-class technology but also high-value consultancy to define — and achieve — a successful customer experience transformation. To learn more, contact us today.

And check out this infographic to learn how Genesys can help you along every step of the way in your customer experience transformation..