Jabashree Amudha

Manager, Information Experience

Jabashree Amudha is a Manager and Technical Writer with over 18 years of experience in the corporate world. She's a people person and loves to mentor. Mentoring is a two-way process where she learns from those she mentors. Jabashree strongly believes that managing people with disciplined compassion and empathy paves the way to an inspired team, keeps the momentum going and elevates productivity. Jaba also enjoys exercising her oratory skills. On her own initiative, she conducted soft-skills training for some of her colleagues. Her sessions on presentation and communication skills have been well-appreciated. She always keeps in mind the motto, "Humor with a message has a wider reach." She also has directed short plays and skits at annual corporate events. In her previous organization, she was a member of the internal complaints committee and also played a key role in the company's Prevention of Sexual Harassment initiative. She loves to spend time with her daughter; they enjoy playing the guitar and singing together.

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