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Personalize experiences across sales, marketing and service

With customer insights from Genesys Cloud and Adobe Experience Platform

The global leaders in cloud contact center software and digital experience have come together to end the silos in sales, marketing and service, and provide customer context to each brand interaction.

Genesys and Adobe help companies to proactively personalize engagements and identify the optimal conversion path by unifying profiles and assigning customer experience attributes across channels.

Genesys Cloud and Adobe Experience Platform: Gain real-time customer context

Genesys and Adobe show you how interactions shape a customer’s journey.

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Personalize with customer insights

Personalize each engagement in real time by using Genesys Cloud to bring in select customer experience data from Adobe Experience Platform such as campaign information, demographic data, product transaction history, product holding and lead status information.

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Visualize customer journeys

Attribution modeling puts each action in context with cross-channel analysis. With Adobe Customer Journey Analytics and Genesys Predictive Engagement, you can recognize the impact and sequence of each touchpoint along the customer journey – inside and outside the contact center.

Ground your customer relationships in understanding

Better engage customers and increase their lifetime value with a unified profile.

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Deliver consistent experiences

By connecting sales, marketing and service interactions across channels, you can ensure that one business unit won’t “forget” the customer data gathered in another.


Personalize engagements

Link customers’ marketing and contact center history across channels with their real-time intent — and provide individualized experiences, relevant campaigns and successful sales engagements.

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Improve campaign performance

Interact more effectively and improve omnichannel campaign conversion rates. Use insights from past interactions, purchases, customer segments, interests and real-time intent to predict how and when to engage prospects – via web, phone or other channels.

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Grow customer loyalty and value

Visualize key unified customer information across sales, marketing and service, adding context to frame the conversation. This helps employees express empathy, troubleshoot issues, up-sell, cross-sell and improve key performance metrics.

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Genesys and Adobe personalize experiences across departments

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