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Passport to Customer Loyalty: Seven Best Practices

Keep your customers — and keep them happy

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Thriving in the ever-evolving, sometimes volatile, experience economy requires resilience. And one of the best ways to remain resilient is to keep your customers — and keep them happy.

Customer loyalty is often an overlooked cornerstone of stability.

At its core, customer loyalty is about trust. Nurturing that trust begins with understanding who your customers are and what they want when they engage with your business.

80% of consumers will purchase additional items, make recommendations to friends and colleagues, and devote a greater wallet share to companies that consistently personalize their experiences.

What does your customer loyalty look like?

Explore seven best practices for customer loyalty, including:

  • Creating and scaling personalized experiences
  • Empowering customers with satisfying self-service
  • Managing customer journeys for better outcomes
  • Leveraging the power of proactive communication

Meet the Speakers

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Janelle Dieken
Senior Vice President, Content Marketing

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Leslie Paterson
Vice President, Global Customer Advocacy and Engagement

Also hear from:

Dr. Natalie Petouhoff

Senior Strategic Business Consulting Director, Genesys​

Bobbi Chester

Senior Portfolio Marketing Director, Genesys Multicloud CX​

Cristina Vargas

‪Product Marketing Manager, Genesys

Anthony Romero

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Genesys​

Steve Offsey

Vice President Marketing, Pointillist® by Genesys

Jane Hendricks

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Genesys

Michael Douglas

‪Senior Product Marketing Manager, Genesys

Jason Alley

Senior Product Marketing Director, Genesys