Government Technology on-demand webinar

Improving Constituent Experiences with Empathetic Service at Scale

Government agencies recognize that seamless, efficient and connected services are critical components in rebuilding pride and trust in government. But legacy systems remain a major obstacle. And it’s impossible for agencies to scale their workforce to meet the increasing demands for public services and information. 

This challenge is often solved with technology, but reducing human interactions can result in cold and impersonal constituent experiences. By prioritizing empathy along with efficiency and effectiveness, organizations can create experiences that are easy and intuitive, building trust in government services. 

Watch this Government Technology on-demand webinar and learn: 

  • How integrating empathy into service design creates experiences that build trust and confidence in government
  • The four critical systems to measure and deliver empathy at scale
  • How to leverage data, artificial intelligence (AI) and new engagement tools to deliver more empathetic services

Meet the Speakers

Dave Cebrowski
Senior Solution Consultant

Bill Rials
Senior Fellow
Center for Digital Government