On-demand webinar

How to personalize customer journeys and exceed 2023’s new CX standard

While brands may acknowledge the importance of customer centricity, data shows they’re not delivering. Only 20% of brands feel they’re delivering seamless end-to-end experiences — and a mere 6% feel they’re sufficiently personalizing interactions. 

Join Brian Cantor and Ian Felder in this Pointillist® by Genesys master class and product spotlight. You’ll learn how to identify customer frustrations, connect behavior across touchpoints and deliver memorable and personalized experiences.

Key topics include:  

  • Where today’s customer experiences are going wrong and why the stakes are higher than ever 
  • What personalization will entail in 2023 and why you must achieve it across all channels 
  • How to access a “single source of truth” regarding customer preferences, needs, intent and sentiments 
  • Predicting customer needs and reorchestrating journeys in real time 
  • What successful brands are doing to measure personalization 

Meet the Speakers

Ian Felder
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Brian Cantor
Principal Analyst & Director
CEI, CCW Digital