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Meet the New Genesys AI Experience

Experience the power of new artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that will elevate your customer experience and increase your ROI.

Ai experience bundle

Get an in-depth demonstration that includes:

Predictive Engagement: Now you can use AI to capture, qualify and proactively engage customers or prospects in the moment of truth. Predict outcomes, visualize campaigns and enrich customer profiles based on previous interactions.

Predictive Routing: Match customers to agents in real time using AI to continuously analyze over 100 dimensions and predict outcomes based on KPIs. The (NEW) Explainability feature allows you to understand the rationale behind AI-driven decisions.

Knowledge (NEW): Discover how you can centralize, enrich, activate, scale and optimize your knowledge base. Check out our new Knowledge Workbench, Knowledge Optimizer and Support Center.

Dialog Engine Bot Flows and (NEW) Digital Bot Flows: Build, deploy, analyze and optimize automatic conversations directly in the Genesys CloudTM platform with accelerators such as Intent Miner to automate the creation of intent models.

Watch now to discover how these capabilities work together to help you realize a higher ROI through improved efficiencies, reduced contact costs, higher self-service rates and an elevated customer experience.

Meet the speakers

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Jane Hendricks

Product Marketing Director, AI,

Mitch mason

Mitch Mason

Principal Product Manager, Genesys

78% of contact center leaders say AI will be a critical part of their CX operations in the coming year

– “AI comes of age: Putting customers and employees at the heart of data-driven journeys,” The Economist, 2021

“Genesys AI-powered routing matches agents who sold more to certain types of customers … while delivering a 13% savings in average handle time and 5% reduction in call transfers.”

– Rohan Khanna, CTO, Probe Group

In 2021, 43% of consumers throughout the US and in Canada said they’ve stopped doing business with companies that did a poor job personalizing their experiences.

– Seven best practices for building customer loyalty, Genesys, 2022