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Four digital banking myths that data disproves

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With consumers expecting an “Amazon experience” in every online interaction, banks continue to invest in digital transformation to improve the customer experience (CX). For 75% of banks, 41% or more of their total customer interactions occurred online or on digital channels over the past year, according to an Industry Dive and Genesys survey of 159 banking executives.

But banks must do more to fully transform the customer experience — especially since consumers compare them with digital customer experience leaders like Amazon, Uber and Apple.

Join this webinar as we discuss the findings from our recent banking digital transformation survey and disprove four common misconceptions:

  • You’re lagging behind in your digital transformation journey
  • Offering multiple channels means you’re omnichannel
  • With automation, employee engagement no longer needs consideration
  • Transformation is a digital-only problem

Meet the Speaker


David Porter
Managing Director,
Financial Services