On-Demand Webinar

Delivering Empathy Across All Brand Touchpoints

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The events of 2020 changed the customer experience irrevocably, and 2021 is on course to do the same. Keeping up with customer expectations for personalization requires creating truly connected experiences. This all starts with the data your brand uses daily. Organizations must break down data silos between marketing, commerce, sales, and service departments to ensure that every interaction is as seamless as possible, providing a unified view of your customer.

This unified view is possible by tapping into direct and contextual customer data from across the organization. Together, Genesys and Adobe have enabled customers to understand, control, and connect experiences. Learn how you can deliver more-specific personalization and achieve business objectives, such as increased customer lifetime value, higher conversions, and keener insights.

Watch the on-demand session and dive into how organizations can:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of customer context across every touchpoint
  • Discover the significance of experience as a service
  • Learn how to deliver the power of empathy to enhance every experience

Meet the Speaker

Peter Graf
Chief Strategy Officer