Interaction Dialler

Boost your dialling campaigns

Proactive outbound dialling campaigns can help increase revenue, retain customers and reduce expenses. Especially when you use the patented predictive algorithm of Interaction Dialler.

Interaction Dialer

Meet business needs

For single, targeted dialling outreach or a continual series of multichannel outbound campaigns, Interaction Dialler allows you to create campaigns of every kind without adding predictive dialler hardware.

Make the most of your agents

Rely on Interaction Dialler to do more than automate dialing. Use the advanced, predictive algorithm to forecast when agents will become available.

The patented algorithm uses real-time statistics to estimate when each agent will finish a current call and adjusts dynamically as factors change. The system queues and places multiple outbound calls while agents are busy to ensure a targeted party answers the moment an agent becomes available.

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Improve agent utilisation with additional features

Call blending

Combine outbound and inbound call activities when paired with the ACD capabilities of PureConnect.

Skills-based dialling

Label each agent’s abilities, skill sets, and proficiency. As campaigns run, a patented formula determines the skill needed for a particular outbound call and determines if an agent with the needed skills will be available.

Agent performance insight

Give supervisors real-time information they can use to identify agents performing outside a target range and take necessary action. The result? Fewer abandons, a better customer experience, and agent productivity that can approach 100% utilisation.

Go agentless with IVR, email, SMS and more

If your proactive customer outreach includes more than just a voice call, use Interaction Dialler to define versatile communication campaigns that send an email or a fax, an SMS message, or route a live caller to an IVR script.

Don't forget about compliance

Address the variety of rules and regulations pertaining to outbound outreach—regardless of industry.

Do Not Call (DNC)

Perform just-in-time state and national DNC scrubbing, where numbers can be checked against a third-party database prior to dialling via a secure connection.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Support FTC safe harbour call logging, caller ID and minimum connect times.


Call analysis

Detect what action takes place once an outbound call has been made—ring/no answer, busy signal, fax tone, answering machine and live answer. Distinguish between temporary and permanent SIT/tri-tones—where permanent tones are removed from the database, and temporary tones are slated for callback. The result? Your agents receive only those calls that reach the targeted party.

Multi-campaign dialling

Run multiple campaigns against a workgroup, and assign priorities to determine the volume of calls placed from each active campaign.

Goal-oriented outbound campaigns

Target distinct customer groups at specific times of the day or week using patented, skills-based dialling for goal-oriented, outbound campaigns. As agents are logged onto multiple campaigns, overall productivity dramatically increases with ease of administration for even the most complex tasks.

Manual calling

Set up campaigns that limit calls to manual only. This ensures no automated calls are placed and maintains the benefits of agent and call list management.

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