Build in a day with Genesys Cloud CX IVR

Automate calls, improve customer experience and increase efficiency of your call centre in just a few hours using our drag-and-drop builder.

A simple and easy-to-use IVR platform

An all-in-one IVR and routing engine shares collected customer data for better routing, handling and reporting–all in one platform.

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Make hold music a thing of the past

One thing better than a good on-hold experience is no hold at all. Our callback option lets customers request a call from the first available agent, instead of sitting on hold.


Simple, robust prompt management = quick setup

Use the included library of prompts—available in many languages—right ``out of the box`` or record your own through a web interface.


Built-in speech recognition

Callers can use the telephone keypad or speak naturally using built-in Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU).

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Drive calls to the right agents the first time

Collect information that gets your customers to the right agents based on skills or expertise, IVR choices, wait time and other criteria.


Make changes on the fly

A cloud contact centre platform lets you adapt to business needs and make changes quickly.


Tackle IVR, call routing and reporting in one platform

Increase your efficiency by combining core call centre functionality into a single platform built to scale as your needs grow.

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Eliminate wasted agent productivity

Optimise your IVR and reduce call volume by automating repetitive inquiries. When live assistance is needed, agents have customer information right at their fingertips.


Reduce customer frustration

Get your customers what they need, when they need it, with an effortless self-service experience. With omnichannel support, your customers win.


Quickly set up IVR call flows

Create menus of pre-defined or custom actions using a drag-and-drop web interface. Actions include greetings, transfers, prompts, digit collection, data dips, sub-menus and more.

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Let your customers serve themselves

Provide quick access to information like account status, bill payments and other common requests for effortless self-service.

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We added new messages to our IVR system in just a couple of minutes, which is almost unheard of in our industry. And we did this without relying on IT experts.

Ian Roberts, Operations Leader, Quicken Customer Care

Executive Brief: Personalised IVR for Improved Customer Experience

Genesys Cloud CX IVR vs. other IVR solutions

We help your business seamlessly scale as your customer support needs grow.


Updates in seconds

Don't rely on technical resources or outsourcers for ongoing updates such as prompts for emergency messages, updating menus, and more. These changes can take only seconds.

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One-click prompt management

One-click voice-prompt management along with version history and rollback of changes. Enables quick and secure deployment and testing.


Control your customer journeys

Relevant and easy-to-use analytics help you measure and understand the paths your customers have taken through the IVR. Know exactly how your customers are navigating.

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