Automate outbound dialling and maximise agent productivity

Fill your day with discussions, not dial tones – and run your contact centre more efficiently

Over 11,000 companies in 100 countries use Genesys omnichannel solutions

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Automate outbound administrative tasks and maximise your agent’s time

Empower your entire call centre team with the ability to dial phone numbers automatically, screen out calls that have shown busy signals, and track outbound engagements

Skip the wait time

Skip busy signals and answering machines; only activate an agent once the call is connected.

360° view of who’s on the line

Give your agents the scripts they need to drive the conversation and meet compliance standards in a single call centre application.

All interactions in one interface

Automatically dial, show the ideal call script and capture customer data on a single screen for ease.

Manage call lists with ease and remain compliant

Upload lists of contacts and maintain a centralised do-not-call list to stay in compliance with local and regional regulations.

Easily integrate with other solutions

Use packaged integrations, open APIs and a partner marketplace to flexibly mix and match solutions.

Track and monitor outbound engagements

Track each activity and results in a centrally managed database, to gain a complete view of the customer engagement.


“The call blending and predictive dialling capabilities of Genesys Cloud CX allow agents to make outbound calls during quiet periods, significantly improving productivity and the levels of customer service.”

-Lalith Abeysena, Chief Operating Officer, Diabetes Victoria

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