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On-site workshop

Build your own chatbot
or voicebot in half a day

Roll up your sleeves and get to work in this half-day bot workshop.

We’ll come to your office and explore ways to:

  • Identify the right use case to automate, based on best practices in your industry
  • Build a bot once for voice and digital channels using the best AI from Genesys and third parties like Google and Amazon
  • Put your new bot to work based on the readout of our joint findings

Take advantage of this opportunity to work with Genesys experts — no technical expertise required. Keep your personalised chatbot or voicebot for 30 days at no cost.

Register for your personalised Build a Bot workshop

What to expect

After you’ve been accepted into the workshop, we’ll schedule the half-day session. You’ll discover how to:


Customise bots

Build, orchestrate and report on multiple bots – Amazon, Google, IBM, Nuance, Genesys or others — and customise them


Use microapps

Use 80 pre-built and configurable microapps to address common self-service needs

brain intelligence

Use knowledge management

Use knowledge management to store and index responses to common questions


Design once deploy anywhere

For example, create a simple payments bot on a chat channel and use the same code to automatically render it on your IVR

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“85% of our service is through artificial intelligence with Watson as the first point of contact. Genesys helped us get much higher productivity and saved us time servicing customers; increase retention and satisfaction.”

Head of Customer Experience, Bradesco / next, Brazil


Here’s how global industry leaders improve customer experience with bots:

  • A large Chilean telecommunications company saw a 32% reduction in voice traffic when 89% of inquiries were resolved using WhatsApp self-service –boosting Net Promoter Scores.
  • A large life insurance company in North America saw 84% chatbot containment rate and a 5% increase in web self-service with Genesys AI and Google Dialogflow. It also seamlessly transfers to agents, when needed.
  • A major bank based in Australia created a virtual assistant on its website using Google Dialogflow, enabling it to manage business credit cards. So far, the bank has achieved 70% customer intent accuracy and more than 90% containment rate.

Take the next step in your AI strategy. Build your own chatbot or voicebot in half a day.

This workshop is available for businesses with more than 400 contact centre voice seats.

Chat bot
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“We assumed that chatbots will provide 30% reduction in call volume, but actually it exceeded our expectations. It’s important to have the possibility to escalate to an agent and give them the full journey view.”

Head of Technical Operations and Customer Service Solutions, DNB

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“Having independence from a specific bot means we don’t have to redesign anything in the business logic or rethink the platform. We can mix bots based on routing decisions.”

Service owner communication systems, Bosch Service Solutions, Germany

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