Your Path to Cloud: Genesys Multicloud CX on Microsoft Azure

Changing consumer expectations. Innovative cloud solutions. A global pandemic.

These factors have all accelerated the adoption of digital technologies in enterprises around the globe. From Boston to Bangkok, contact centers are hurtling toward digital transformation — moving some or all of their on-premises systems to the cloud.

COVID-19 has revealed the shortcomings of legacy call center solutions to enable remote work and handle massive contact volumes. In its 2021 US Contact Center Decision-Makers’ Guide, ContactBabel reported that:

  • 66% of respondents experienced pandemic-related problems
  • 33% of very large contact centers reported challenging or severe issues with remote working tech, compared to 5% of contact centers with fewer than 200 seats
  • Some respondents said their main challenge was changing to a remote-working environment as call volumes spiked

But ContactBabel also found that contact centers already using cloud-based solutions reported fewer major issues with moving to remote work. And the superiority of cloud solutions isn’t limited to the pandemic.

“On-premises contact centers will increasingly become technologically inferior to their cloud counterparts. The result is a -12.5% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) for on-premises contact center agents,” according to the Gartner Forecast Analysis: Contact Center, Worldwide 2021.1

And leading contact centers will take advantage of innovation delivered through the cloud. “AI innovation will drive contact center agent automation, resulting in an 8% agent workload reduction by 2024, up from a 1% agent workload reduction in 2020,” predicts Gartner.

Large organizations are reaping the benefits of the cloud. “The surge in the number of remote agents that pandemic-related office closures caused drove the market penetration for cloud contact centers to 25% in 2020 — up from 16% in 2019,” according to the Gartner forecast.

But enterprises have unique needs when it comes to the cloud, particularly when it comes to freedom in vendor selection. Many enterprises already have strong ties to Microsoft a market leader in cloud computing, AI, security and compliance.

Today, Genesys is making it easier than ever to maximize your existing Microsoft investments, ensure global data security and innovate at your pace.

Now Available: Genesys Multicloud CX on Microsoft Azure

We’re excited to announce the launch of Genesys Multicloud CX™ on Microsoft Azure, which Genesys and Microsoft are now co-selling worldwide.

Microsoft and Genesys share a common view of the customer and an aligned vision on cloud. Last year, the companies announced the integration of Genesys Cloud CX and Microsoft Teams ― expanding collaboration by enabling employees to call Microsoft Teams users across large organizations.

Now we’re expanding that partnership with the launch of the Azure cloud service, which enables contact centers to deliver superior interactions for their customers. With this omnichannel solution, enterprises have the security and scalability needed to connect every touchpoint of the customer journey.

With Genesys Multicloud CX on Microsoft Azure, customers can innovate faster and become more agile by offering the full breadth of capabilities large enterprises require. And many enterprises can maximize their existing Microsoft investments through simplified management, centralized IT expertise, reduced costs and more.

The initial infrastructure footprint covers the Americas, with expansion across Europe and Asia by the end of 2021.


  • Remove customer data silos with a single shared cloud infrastructure that integrates customer data across your contact center, CRM system, infrastructure and applications. This allows you to expedite business intelligence (BI), AI and analytics.
  • Leverage the solutions, expertise and scale of Microsoft.
  • Maintain flexibility in how you consume Genesys Multicloud CX features ― while controlling costs.
  • Support best-of-breed solutions across cloud, collaboration, communications and CRM systems.
  • Access the latest AI, digital and workforce engagement innovations through the cloud.
  • Mitigate risk through a comprehensive set of migration tools, services and offers.
  • Connect voice your way, including Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC), Genesys software or encrypted SIP on public IP.
  • Focus on your business objectives by offloading your IT requirements to Genesys and Microsoft experts.

Expertise and Experience   

Genesys Multicloud CX on Microsoft Azure runs on a Genesys software base that’s been completely re-architected to be infrastructure-agnostic. This software redesign, which took us about two years, preserves the breadth of functionalities ― and leverages the accumulated experience of more than 30 years in the market.

Genesys Multicloud CX is designed on an agile microservices architecture with flexibility in mind. A core piece of the architecture is Docker, a container engine that packages an application and its dependencies in a virtual container that can run on any computing environment. Docker is an industry standard that millions of developers trust.

Another key ingredient is Kubernetes, an open-source system that orchestrates a cluster of virtual machines (VMs), schedules containers to run on those VMs and scales the containers to the desired state. These proven technologies enable Genesys Multicloud CX to run on any architecture ― public cloud, private cloud or a mix of both.

Deeper Connections with Microsoft

For enterprises with existing Microsoft investments, the partnership isn’t limited to Azure. Instead, Genesys and Microsoft are exploring and developing new integrations for Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure Cognitive Services that will streamline collaboration and communication for enterprise employees and customers.

We’ll release more information about these upcoming integrations later this year.

Transformation on Your Terms

Your business is unique in its strategy, objectives, tech stack and geography. And you have specific security needs and regulations to meet.

Genesys gives you the power of choice — and our Microsoft offer is the latest example of this. Our approach to multicloud lets you choose your infrastructure model, how you prefer to operate your environment and how you want to build your ecosystem.

Genesys Multicloud CX leverages an open platform that allows you to choose the right cloud — at the right pace — for your business. You can easily customize your system by buying and plugging in the technologies you want: Microsoft, Google, Amazon, you name it.

And only Genesys allows you to choose between Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) offerings for Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

See how Genesys Multicloud CX on Microsoft Azure will get you on the right path to cloud.

1 Gartner, Forecast Analysis: Contact Center, Daniel O’Connell, Megan Fernandez, 19 January 2021