5 Ways to Become an Undercover Boss in Your Contact Center

One of my favorite shows on TV is the Undercover Boss. The concept is as straightforward, as it is intriguing: A CEO or other executive typically of a large enterprise goes undercover for a week in his or her own company to get a feel for what works well and what needs improvement. Often these CEOs learn how passionate and hardworking their employees really are.

I would love to see each and every CEO out there get this experience. And, let’s start in the contact center, which may at first seem like a challenging task as most of your employees probably know who you are. To get a complete picture, you would need to spend considerable time and effort with your speech analytics and interaction analytics solution.

Using modern interaction analytics software, you can get a large great insight in your contact center, without having to go undercover with a wig and glasses.

Below are five best practices that enable you to be an effective boss in your contact center every day of the week without going undercover:

1. Record all conversations – When you ensure that all of your customer conversations are recorded, you increase the potential sample size, which can be used to audit and check for specific call center quality assurance, sales or compliance issues. Having access to all voice conversations also helps you to investigate a specific topic on a larger scale to really get a sense of the impact – something you would not be able to do when you only record a small percentage of your conversations.

2. Transcribe and index all conversations – Automatically transcribing your interactions and conversations, both voice calls and digital interactions like web chat, into text allows you to search your recorded conversations easily. Interaction recordings can even be shared and sent via email to your agents, managers or customers, as required. You can quickly filter and find conversations that contain any negative sentiment searching words and phrases “complaint” or “I want to speak a supervisor”and escalate.

3. Automatically categorize each conversation based on phrases – A modern speech analytics solution can detect what each conversation is about by looking for specific phrases directly on the recorded audio-file for improved effectiveness. Detecting a phrase with high accuracy and detection rate greatly simplifies your life in understanding why customers contact you. Sometimes a single conversation is about multiple topics, something your traditional reporting metrics probably cannot track.

4. Report your findings to your HR & training teams – Ensure that both your ‘opportunities to improve’ and things that work well are communicated to your operations and training team. Your Human Resources and contact center training team will want to know what specific contact center training you are looking for, so that they can hire the right agents with the right skills. Your training team is interested in learning about best practices and ensuring these become an integral part of the company’s onboarding program.

5. Reward your people – Recognizing your star performers is an important element of building a performance-driven culture. It demonstrates that putting in your best is recognized and rewarded. Rewards also help you to select the right agents to closely involve in project teams, developing new concepts and getting input from the floor right from the get-go.

Applying these five best practices consistently with a well-designed approach, and it will take a lot of manual work out of your quality management and business improvement processes. This enables you to focus on understanding what needs to be improved, what already works well, and what feedback your customers are giving you about your organization.

To learn more about how modern speech and interaction analytics can transform your contact center, watch our on-demand webinar, titled What are 99% of your Customers Hiding from You? Find Out with Cloud-Based Speech Analytics today.