Tracking the AI Evolution and Benefits in the Contact Center

Implementing AI in the contact center is one of the most important steps you can take to gain a competitive edge. Automating your data, processes, insights and trends — while leveraging the power of your employees — is a winning combination.

Managing a contact center is a complex operation, made only more difficult as customer expectations and business demands continue to rise. The complexity of tasks and internal silos can lead to operational challenges that damage employee engagement and bottom-line results. That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) can help: Advancements in AI and machine learning can automate some of your most complex tasks while increasing employee success rates.

By combining logic and automation, your employees become more efficient and productive — and that leads to better customer experiences and business results.

Genesys Presents at Enterprise Connect

Genesys executives will share their insights about the role of AI in the contact center at the upcoming Enterprise Connect conference, March 30 to April 2, 2020, in Orlando, Florida.

Enterprise Connect brings together corporate IT decision makers, industry vendors, channel partners, analysts and consultants to discuss and learn about critical issues in the field of enterprise communications and collaboration.

One of this year’s tracks is devoted to “Practical AI,” and Genesys leaders Barry O’Sullivan (EVP and GM) and Elcenora Martinez (Global VP) will share the company’s perspectives on this rapidly growing and critical aspect of contact center management.

Transforming Customer Experience: Where’s the True AI Payoff?

Barry O’Sullivan joins other industry leaders on the main stage to discuss the ways in which AI and other advanced technologies will drive next-generation customer experience in the contact center.

The session will give attendees practical advice about how to implement a strategic vision for the AI-driven customer experience revolution. Topics include:

  • The relationship between AI-enabled advances and technologies like cloud and omnichannel, which have been driving the contact center market
  • Strategies for delivering quick wins with new technology — and where to invest for a longer-term payoff
  • How next-gen customer experience technology will change your enterprise

The AI-Infused Contact Center: Evaluating Your Options

Elcenora Martinez joins industry colleagues in a panel discussion exploring different approaches for deploying Natural Language Processing, machine learning, deep neural networking, dialog management, speech analytics and cognitive computing.

Together, the panelists will examine how to use these technologies to improve the customer experience and your agents’ productivity. Attendees will learn how AI-driven technologies can improve core contact center functionality and break new ground in areas like rapid recognition of intent (enhanced with emotion detection), image recognition, translation and other features.

If you can’t attend Enterprise Connect but want to learn more about how AI can help jump start your contact center, read the ebook “Genesys and Google Cloud: Shaping the future of contact center AI.”