Top Ways Cloud Will Redefine the Contact Center in 2018

Wow, what a year. PureConnect by Genesys has had a tremendous 2017—with huge commitments to research and development as well as support, new cloud hosting approaches and new features that improve operations.

There have been many great moments—from the start of AppFoundry for PureConnect to CX17 in Indianapolis to the very public product roadmap releases for customers to a vastly accelerated cloud hosting approach. There is far too much to talk about, but we wanted to share a few highlights, in case you missed them. Here are some of the best blog posts from 2017 to keep you connected to all things PureConnect.

Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick: PureConnect Cloud Gets It Right

The Genesys PureConnect single-tenant cloud hosting approach has some unique benefits, including faster time to value, improved stability and a customer experience focus. This post from Michael Braverman gives you a better understanding of how to stay safe and move forward fast. Read the blog.




The Hub of Customer Experience: Make It Easy on Yourself

The desktop often is considered the hub of seamless customer experience. And that’s the basis of the “webification” of PureConnect. Geoff Calhoun explores how the new browser-based views and improved UI save valuable time while reducing risks associated with deployment and upgrades. Read the blog.



The Hidden Costs of Channel Switching

A key issue with modern customers is that they want to talk to you on all different digital channels, and sometimes they’ll use two or three to solve a single problem. But there’s a cost to your business if that’s not managed correctly. In this post, Wendy Mikkelsen explains how PureConnect can overcome business silos and give your customer service teams the complete view of customer interactions across channels—with the ability to respond immediately in the channel that bests fits each interaction. Read the blog.


It’s About Time for G-NINE: The Future of Magnificent Customer Experiences

To stay ahead in this ever-changing world, you need to know what’s new and what’s coming. Jannelle Matthews takes us through G-NINE, the new framework for innovation releases announced at CX17, and explains how PureConnect fits securely into the Genesys product strategy.  Read the blog.



The Genesys AppFoundry Roadmap 2017

Genesys partner developers spent 2017 building many new offerings to extend the power of the PureConnect platform. Here, Juergen Tolksdorf tells us about the big plans for adding PureConnect to the Genesys applications marketplace – AppFoundryRead the blog.



More to Come in 2018

We are extremely excited about what’s coming to PureConnect in 2018, including some ground-breaking new analytics capabilities in the first half of the year. We’ll cover a lot more in the Genesys blogs next year, so stay tuned.