These Are Exciting Times For PureConnect

Genesys has been busy with PureConnectTM in 2018—from product to sales to services. In the first quarter alone, we’ve made significant leadership and product moves to help you deliver on your promise of great customer experience.

New Sales Approach

In January, more than 1,500 Genesys employees attended our annual Sales Kickoff (SKO) event in San Francisco to celebrate the past year’s successes replacing legacy contact centers and set strategies and goals for the year ahead. To ensure our emphasis is always customer-first, we’ve shifted from a traditional segment-focused approach to one that equips all Genesys sales teams to recommend PureConnect when its the best fit for customers given preference, requirements, and circumstances.

New Leadership

Also in January, Genesys named Dr. Peter Graf as Chief Product Officer. In this position, Peter will drive our global product vision and innovation strategy. A key objective of his team is to maximize the creation of common services across the PureConnect, PureCloud and PureEngage platforms. This means accelerated innovation for all customers.

In February, Guillaume Lardeux was named the new General Manager for PureConnect. Guillaume has held a variety of senior leadership positions during his 18 years at Genesys. In this role, Guillaume serves as an accountable business owner to oversee PureConnect efforts across the company—with the goal to improve customer satisfaction and overall business performance.

Be sure to meet Peter and Guillaume, and other members of the PureConnect team, at CX18 to hear about their plans.

New Innovations

Innovation is something PureConnect customers have come to expect—and that won’t change. In 2017, we released more than 50 new features on the PureConnect platform; the latest version, 2018 R2, was released in February 2018. Over the last few releases, we’ve continued our commitment to creating more modern web interfaces for agents and supervisors, as well as new omnichannel capabilities in social, chat and analytics.

We’ll continue to add rich functionality in 2018, and our investments don’t stop there. The rest of the company is developing for PureConnect too, as we evolve to a common architecture. Evidence of this is already visible as certain Genesys solutions become available across platforms. This gives PureConnect customers access to technology previously available only on the PureEngage and PureCloud platforms. You’ll hear more about this at CX18.

Another step in our evolution is to deliver new, common microservices for use with all platforms. Microservices will enable Genesys customers to innovate faster than our industry has ever seen. And this means that your PureConnect investment will keep pace with customer preferences for years to come.

New Services

Here are two new services available with PureConnect that will help you deliver excellent customer experiences.

  • Genesys PureSuccess: In January, we expanded our consumption model bringing new flexibility for on-premises and cloud customers by offering new subscription and customer success options.
  • AppFoundry: In March, Genesys launched a unified AppFoundry solutions marketplace to offer a wide selection of free and paid applications for use with PureConnect.

To get the full scoop on everything related to PureConnect, join us at CX18 in Nashville, Tennessee on May 1 to 4. Here are a few things you won’t want to miss:

  1. See the next release, roadmap, new innovations and demos of the PureConnect platform.
  2. Talk one-on-one with Genesys developers and product managers.
  3. Learn how other PureConnect customers use the platform.
  4. Meet the new leadership team at the PureConnect Customer Hangout on Tuesday, May 1 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM

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