The Role of Voice AI in Business Continuity

Nearly 13 years after the term “black swan event” was coined, we’re living through what is perhaps the most significant event to affect contact centers. Even support teams with the most robust emergency protocols are grappling with security risks, a newly minted remote workforce adjusting to changing processes and supply chains that are increasingly susceptible to disruption.

Gartner analysis reveals that 71% of even the most digitally advanced companies aren’t helping customers with their most pressing questions and problems. If you’re still relying on manual processes, such as pulling 1%-2% of random calls to monitor your voice channel and evaluate agent performance, it will be impossible to meet customer needs by knowing what must be improved and which agents need help.

Here are three ways to ease the remote transition by leveraging Voice AI, a technology that automatically analyzes every single call for faster, more accurate and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven quality management.

Three Use Cases for Voice AI

Gather insights from all calls for targeted coaching and customer experience improvements.

In a climate where every moment counts, time-consuming tasks like having quality analysts manually listen to and evaluate calls simply don’t scale. Nor does it leave enough time to actually coach agents. Juggling multiple platforms across teams to drive quality, compliance and performance management also makes it difficult for teams to collaborate and remain connected.

Voice AI lets you uncover insights from 100% of your calls to understand what’s being said on calls and develop more targeted coaching programs to help agents where they need it most. This lets you go from subjective evaluations of agent performance to evaluations that reflect the big picture of how your support teams are performing, backed by benchmarks and insights.

Proactively monitor compliance risks remotely.

For outsourcing and finance businesses, the fines that often come with failing to meet compliance regulations can be steep. With Voice AI, you can automatically monitor a number of different compliance interactions, including areas like mandatory compliance dialogues, customer verification, mini Mirandas and more to ensure you meet requirements.

Dig deeper into Voice of the Customer with insights on sentiment, tone and empathy.

Customer experience has always been important for businesses. In these challenging times, it’s critical for agents to show empathy on calls. But that can be more difficult to navigate now more than ever.

In a recent study, one company saw financial hardship-related calls — among the most difficult calls for reps to handle — increased 2.5 times in the span of a week. But rigid scripts and a strong focus on adhering to these scripts prevent agents from responding appropriately.

With Voice AI, you can understand what’s being said on calls and how it’s being said — uncovering tone and strong emotions like positive or negative sentiments. This goes a long way to protecting customer satisfaction and ensuring you can coach agents remotely on how to provide the best possible customer experience through tailored conversations.

Voice AI empowers you to catch gaps in compliance, such as potential issues of fraud or controllable background noise, in near real time. This mitigates gaps in compliance immediately — not days or weeks after.

This enables contact center support teams to play a key role in preserving business continuity and preparing for the future.

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This blog post was co-authored by Gabi Contreras. Gabi is on the Observe.AI marketing team and handles social media and partner marketing efforts.