The Role of CX in Marketing ROI

Attracting and retaining profitable customers is the timeless objective of marketing leaders.  In the general store environment of yesteryear, these twin goals (attracting and retaining) were connected directly between the shoulder blades of the storeowner and the employees in the aisles. Customer engagement was always genuine; the right hand knew what the left hand was up to.

Life has changed.  With all the technology we have now that connects consumers to everything, why doesn’t the right hand know what the left hand is doing at most enterprises?  To dispense with the metaphor– why doesn’t the customer service and sales group know what marketing is up to, and vice versa?

The gaping hole between systems designed to attract customers and solutions built to keep them exists because neither ad tech platforms, marketing automation, nor CRM data sources are tapped into the beating heart of the customer experience; the live conversation between each individual customer and the person representing the business.

Actual customer experience is everything to do with your brand.  CX is the ads placed to attract the customer, the emails and remarketing they receive to keep their intent alive, it is the service they receive on the web, phone, and in store, and it is the experience they have with the technology that enables these interactions.

The Digital Masters (or Digerati to use the term du jour) that are thriving in the omnichannel world of today are the ones who invest in connecting data about the customer (ad targeting, audience definition, demographics, lead score, etc) with real, live customer conversations.  They are the ones reconnecting the right hand to the left hand of the modern enterprise.

It is the synchronization of marketing data with real conversations (and vice versa) that can close the gap in customer experience- the gap between target and customer, sales and service, engagement and record, ad and engagement, between brand and brand experience.

In this sense, the digitally integrated enterprise organism finally begins to model the biologically integrated storeowner referenced before.  Finally, CMOs can once again simultaneously pursue attracting, retaining, and growing their relationship with profitable customers.

Genesys and our eco-system of marketing automation and ad tech partners are transforming how enterprises engage in and understand real conversations with real people.   This enables CMOs to improve retargeting, ad attribution, and to measure Marketing ROI like never before.

For a demonstration of this new capability in action, take a look at a few industry leading applications on the Genesys AppFoundry:

Ad Network Integration:

Marketing Automation:

These listings demonstrate how Genesys partners are bridging the gap between Brand and Customer Experience to empower CMOs to deliver better marketing ROI and Customer Service leaders to optimize resource selection for any given conversation with powerful scoring, search and ad data.

With the right hand reunited with the intelligence of the left hand, businesses can once again attract & retain profitable customers – brilliantly.

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