The Perfect Addition to the Omnichannel Solution

Various technologies have surfaced over the years to alleviate some of the issues that contact centers face. The omnichannel solution, for instance, has offered agents a whole new way of serving their customers. The ease of use of these software has facilitated the process of answering calls, keeping track of reports, and even monitoring performance.

These tools have greatly improved the current status of the contact center agent and customer. Nonetheless, it is important that they be used simultaneously with solutions that aim to motivate and engage agents on an intrinsic level.

Intrinsic motivation is a long-lasting and powerful method of influencing agent behavior. When contact centers focus too much on traditional forms of motivation (i.e. extrinsic), agents begin to feel disengaged and overwhelmed by their daily tasks.

Challenges Faced by Disengaged Agents

Low agent morale is highly prevalent across all forms of contact centers. Problems like low attrition, high turnover, and abominable engagement have been constant. The pressure to perform is always increasing while nothing is being done to address the underlying issues that are causing these poor performance stats.

Effects on the Customer

With agents facing never-ending disengagement, it’s almost a given that customers are not getting the right type of service. Truth is, customer satisfaction and loyalty is on the line when contact centers gamble with the motivation and happiness of their agents.

What Can Be Done? 

If call center mangers hope to change this unfortunate reality, they need to take the right measures to end this vicious cycle. Something new needs to be introduced to contact centers that has the ability to address the issue of agent disengagement.

Providers of contact center solutions should also be able to offer their clients with this versatile tool. Contact center executives are expecting their providers to bring new solutions that will either help resolve current problems or help improve their center’s overall performance. With this in mind, providers must be able to bring something to the table that has the ability to stimulate the agent on a deeper level.

Introducing nGAGEMENT

A solution that can answer to the issues addressed previously is nGAGEMENT by nGUVU.

Focused on the contact center agent’s daily tasks, nGAGEMENT offers a completely new perspective on KPI results which allows agents to engage and interact with the contact center and their colleagues in a dynamic, fun, and efficient way.

Using game mechanics, machine learning and behavioral analytics, nGAGEMENT influences desired behaviors in agents by leveraging their natural desires for competition, collaboration, achievement, status and recognition. It is an immersive experience that motivates agents to achieve objectives and to accomplish tasks that are at the core of their responsibilities.

Central to all of this is the agent and their journey. nGAGEMENT focuses on keeping the agent engaged and motivated in order to ensure that customers on the other end of the line are happy too.

Features of nGAGEMENT

With nGAGEMENT, agents are able to:

  • Transform KPI results into performance points
  • Track their progress with the leaderboard, badges and achievements
  • Encourage their colleagues though peer-to-peer recognition
  • Compete in challenges and SPARKs
  • Qualify to win contests
  • Learn through quizzes
  • Show off their progress with their personal avatar

nGAGEMENT merges together intrinsic and extrinsic features in order to create the perfect balance of motivation for optimal agent engagement. It is the perfect addition to all omnichannel solutions and can be integrated seamlessly with any system used by the contact center.

Having engaged and happy agents translates to satisfied and loyal customers. So why not take advantage of a solution that can help achieve that? Visit the marketplace to request a free demo or check out this on-demand webinar coming soon.

This blog post was co-authored by Pascal Leclerc. With over 20 years of experience in contact center workforce management, Pascal has taken the role of Gamification influencer and advocate for Employee Engagement. Being the co-founder nGUVU, his mission is to create a better everyday work experience for contact center agents around the world.