Technology Implementations That Create Outstanding Customer Experiences

This blog post was co-authored by Genesys technology partner, Contact Dynamix.

There’s more to capturing customer feedback than you might think. It’s not so much about the actual survey itself, but more about what you do with that customer feedback — and how quickly you do it.

There are three outcomes after a customer raises concerns through a survey solution.

  1. The organization doesn’t respond or acknowledge the customer feedback.
  2. The organization runs a report several days or weeks later and tries its best to get back in touch with the customer, but the process is manual and time consuming.
  3. The organization uses technology solutions that enable them to pinpoint the critical feedback that needs immediate attention and act automatically.

With the first scenario, the customer feels unimportant and probably is more upset than they were initially. In the second scenario, the customer is grateful to have his issue acknowledged, but it might be a case of “too little too late,” and the organization is continuously chasing its tail. With the third scenario, the customer feels valued and extremely grateful.

Organizations can take missteps with service from time to time. But if problems are resolved quickly and efficiently, these missteps often turn into overwhelmingly positive customer experiences.

Creating the right mix of tightly integrated technology platforms lets you deliver outstanding customer experiences. Here’s a look at what’s required to provide an excellent survey solution that integrates with the Genesys® PureCloud® application.

Both sides of the integration should be able to see every phone call, email, web chat and social media interaction the PureCloud solution handles. This means the survey solution knows when conversations have finished and every aspect about them, including who the customer is, which agent handled the conversation, which types of inquiries occurred, how long they spoke, how many times they were transferred or put on hold, and how long they spent in the queue.

  • Agents, supervisors and managers should have access to the survey solution from within the PureCloud application, so there’s no need for multiple windows to handle customer inquiries and view or analyze feedback.
  • Survey outcomes should interact with the PureCloud solution, including sending a chat notification to alert about important feedback, scheduling outbound calls and updating contact notes.
  • The PureCloud application should retrieve previous survey responses and outcomes as well as previous customer feedback to make intelligent routing decisions. It then presents this information agents when calls arrive.

From Customer Inquiry Through Resolution

Incorporating all these capabilities will create amazing customer experiences. Here are some examples of how it works in the contact center.

A high-value customer contacts your company to speak about a particular issue. In the IVR, he identifies himself and chooses the billing queue. After waiting 10 minutes in the queue without being linked to an agent, he hangs up. Within minutes, this interaction is noted, attributes on the call identify the customer as high-value and the customer receives an SMS, like this:

“Hi John – We are really sorry we didn’t get to your call just now. We would like to organize for one of our billing specialists to give you a call straight back. Would this be OK with you?”

John responds, “Yes please.”

At this point, he receives another SMS that states, “Hold tight, John. We’ll have an agent call you as soon as possible.”
A record is automatically added to an outbound campaign in the PureCloud solution, and the next available agent receives a preview call with all the details of the previous call. Then John receives a call from an agent who’s ready to assist with his billing question.

As long as the organization can see the customer’s inquiry through to a satisfactory resolution, the experience creates a long-lasting impression on the customer — one that likely prompts him to share his experience with others.

A more typical customer survey scenario is when a customer receives a personalized, contextually aware survey after a contact center interaction. The customer feedback might trigger a notification via instant message to a group of supervisors, update a CRM system, raise a service request or notify users via a collaboration tool like Slack. Whatever action occurs, the key here is that important feedback is quickly identified and multiple tools can work together automatically to bring about immediate actions.

Survey Dynamix is a full-featured survey solution for the PureCloud solution brought to you by Contact Dynamix. Survey Dynamix surveys customers via email, voice, web or SMS after PureCloud conversations — regardless of channel. Feedback automatically triggers notifications in the PureCloud solution, schedules outbound calls or updates CRM records to ensure important customer feedback is offered quickly. To learn more about Survey Dynamix, visit their app listing in the AppFoundry Marketplace.