TCC Round Room: Transforming Operations with an All-in-One Cloud Platform

Migrating to a cloud-based contact center platform can deliver myriad benefits. For Round Room’s TCC, eliminating multiple systems helped boost productivity by 35%. Further, the cloud platform enabled agents to relocate rapidly and safely to home-working in response to the COVID-19 crisis, ensuring both agents’ safety and customers’ continued access to mobile communications.

Round Room leads and invests in companies serving the wireless industry. With its nationally recognized “Culture of Good” movement that gives back to the community and its positive work environment, the mobile retailer has been named one of Indiana’s top workplaces in 2020. The group’s first venture, TCC, evolved to become the leading Verizon authorized retailer in the US, with a flourishing network of stores in more than 1,200 locations.

All-in-One Cloud Replaces Disparate Systems

In addition to the retail stores, more than 40 agents in an Indianapolis TCC contact center manage the customer experience. For outbound sales and promotions, the company relied on a compilation of several standalone systems — from Zultys telephony, HubSpot webchat, Salesforce CRM, and others.

“Our fragmented IT model, which failed to incorporate SMS integration, made it hard to plan, execute and track campaigns,” said Ryan Ervin, senior director, Customers for Life, TCC Round Room. “Without a clear omnichannel roadmap, there was little scope for innovation.”

After reviewing proposals from three vendors, TCC chose the Genesys Cloud platform — for its agility, simplicity, and security.

“Our goal is to continually create amazing experiences, so customers return to buy in-store — not only by flagging fantastic offers to upgrade or save money but also by making life easier and more convenient,” said Ervin. “To do that, we needed a proven all-in-one solution like Genesys Cloud.”

The upgraded contact center now enjoys greater control and more opportunities for innovation. For example, instead of needing the support of three external IT consultants,  the internal team can now handle 90% of tasks on its own.

Outbound is a good example of this.

“By adapting the preview dialer in Genesys Cloud, we eliminated the need to hang onto calls to leave messages,” said Ervin. “Now, the system automatically steps in right before the call goes to voicemail, releasing the advisor for the next call. This has been massive for us. We’ve achieved a 20% performance improvement with 10% fewer agents.”

Rapid Response

TCC was one of the few Verizon resellers and phone retailers to stay open during the pandemic. It upgraded all stores quickly in line with new safety measures, while protecting agents.

That agile response resulted in a record-breaking sales quarter. A sudden shift in channels — as demand for inbound calls, email, webchat and SMS exploded during lockdown — fueled the dramatic increase.

Engaged Agents Create Engaged Customers

TCC agents derive benefits from the new cloud-based platform, too.

In response to the pandemic, the company wanted everyone to be safe while remaining productive and delivering a consistent customer experience.

“Within 48 hours, we switched our agents to home working. They keep in touch and support each other via Genesys Chat,” said Ervin. “We could never have done that before. The technology just wasn’t there.”

The platform’s learning and feedback tools help agents, too. For example, managers and team leaders previously had to listen through hours of recordings to find the most relevant customer exchanges to provide useful feedback to agents. Now, using native Genesys Cloud quality management tools, they can quickly pinpoint moments where agents excelled or could have done better and offer immediate feedback.

Delivering a good customer experience starts with engaged employees. When agents can manage a customer’s journey across channels and touchpoints, it improves their job satisfaction. When they have all the information they need at their fingertips, they experience less stress. When platform tools enable them to get the training they need at the right time, they’re more likely to excel.

Transforming Your Contact Center

Taking advantage of Genesys Cloud capabilities for inbound, outbound, email, messaging, self-service and integration, TCC has transformed its contact center into one that runs smoothly and delivers a satisfying customer experience with every interaction. Its all-in-one contact center platform is able to create fluid customer conversations across channels, deliver better business outcomes and make the contact center an enjoyable place to work. See the Round Room customer case study.