Take Contact Center Productivity to the Next Level

Contact centers are under intense pressure to do more with less. And it’s not just about saving time and money—providing a superior customer experience is also part of the mix. In fact, The Global CX Wakeup Call report from SDL states 73% of consumers will recommend a brand to others if they are satisfied with their customer experience. But to get to this level of great customer experience, you need the right tools.

When contact centers connect their Genesys phone systems into their CRM systems using computer telephony integration (CTI), they can make and receive calls right in the CRM solution. Call data is saved directly as a record in the system, which makes it easier for agents to do their jobs—and CTI improves customer satisfaction.

Get the Right Software Tools

Multiple telephony features contribute to productivity, including:

  • Screen-pop: Enables you to see customer data before picking up a call
  • Click-to-dial: Allows you to click on phone numbers to automatically dial out
  • Call logging: Consistently captures your call data for better reporting
  • CRM screen transfer: Transfers customer data to another agent and eliminate the need for callers to repeat themselves

These features are most common to CTI, and they enable agent productivity. However, modern contact centers need to think about advanced capabilities. The most critical foundation for agent productivity is the use of proper software tools. Contact centers need to invest in suitable CRM systems, computer telephony integration and IVR software to provide the level of service today’s customers expect.

Automate Routine Tasks

If contact center agents don’t have automated tools, they spend too much time on rote tasks instead of focusing on the advanced issues that only a human can handle. Using automated solutions like proper customer routing, configurable screen-pops to intelligently serve up customer records, and automated call tracking to capture and disposition results saves significant time and produces fast ROI.

Personalize Service

The ubiquity of mobile devices, apps, and social engagement create customers who demand tailored experiences that are unique and frequently updated. Customers want to be treated like they’re special, and contact centers must find a way to do this. Service personalization helps address this need; you can implement it in a variety of ways—from caller ID and IVR information that gives contact center agents a warm introduction to their customer to analyzing customer preferences to offer custom products.

Innovate While Leveraging Existing Systems

Advanced CTI features might improve business productivity, but an implementation only makes sense if the benefits outweigh the costs. Rather than stripping out the telephony infrastructure and processes you’ve already invested in, use software to better leverage existing systems and offer workflow integrations. This could apply to the phone system, call queue and routing setup, or call-handling processes.

CTI should work in a way that’s right for you. Look for a solution that adapts to different workflows and streamlines existing processes. By integrating with what you have now, no time is wasted redesigning systems that are already working or retraining staff.

Use Reporting to Iterate on Success

Big data is useless if it isn’t distilled into actionable insights. Every contact center manager generates reports, but they should use these reports to discover gaps and identify successes to improve productivity. Don’t be afraid to test different call-handling approaches. And think small so you can iterate on the pieces that work to ensure the results are measurable.

CTI Solutions

When you’re dealing with a high volume of calls, even the smallest changes make a huge difference in team productivity, employee morale and customer satisfaction. Implementing the right CTI solution means you can spend less time on processes and more time on the part of the job that matters.

If you want to test CTI to increase efficiency, or if you’re re-evaluating your contact center workflows, InGenius Connector Enterprise could be the right fit for you. A Genesys AppFoundry partner, InGenius connects existing Genesys phone systems with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM systems or ServiceNow platforms using advanced computer telephony integration. InGenius is highly configurable to the unique requirements of customers; a CTI-focused customer care team is available to help you get maximum productivity and value from your computer telephony integration. Learn more by visiting ingenius.com and find the app listing on the AppFoundry Marketplace.