Super Bowl Playbook: Winning the Omnichannel Engagement Game

Super Bowl 50 is almost here! The Denver Broncos will take on the Carolina Panthers in Levi’s Stadium, right near the Genesys headquarters. On Sunday hundreds of millions will be watching it on TV, but a million people this week took part in fan-focused festivities. From Super Bowl City in downtown San Francisco, through the NFL Experience at Moscone Center, to the Road to 50 mobile app, the NFL is delivering the types of omnichannel experiences that create not loyal customers, but die-hard fans.

As you prepare for the Super Bowl at home or at work on the contact center floor—take some tips on how to coach to CX victory, inspire your team, and win with your customers using omnichannel engagement.

Playing to Win the Customer Experience Game

This article illustrates how customer experience (CX) is key to winning big and beating your competitors. The adoption of digital channels, combined with intense competition, has changed the state of play. And now, more than ever, the customer is the referee. Are You Playing to Win the Customer Experience Game in 2016? will help you devise a game-winning strategy for delivering these personalized experiences.

Ticketmaster Scores with a SIP-Based Contact Center

Snapping up tickets to a game is the ultimate way to root for your favorite team. Unless getting the tickets is bad experience. The Ticketmaster success story reveals how they were growing rapidly, but were often sidelined by their aging and costly ACD systems. They recruited the best contact center platform player to assist with a technology overhaul. Ticketmaster successfully changed their CX game to support their global expansion effort, reduce operating costs, and boost fan satisfaction.

Practice Make Perfect: Omnichannel CX Best Practices

In an omnichannel engagement environment, a customer may first ask a question via web chat, but if they can’t get their question answered or issue resolved, they may then call an audible to customer service. The contact center agent sees the initial web chat and starts the conversation where the web chat left off. The customer doesn’t have to repeat information, which saves time—and scores a few extra points for your team. Read this blog post to discover best practices for omnichannel CX.

Coach’s Corner: Managing Omnichannel Engagement

Once you have a vision for your team, the next step toward clinching a victory is to design memorable experiences that align with the needs of your customers and your brand values. Is your contact center prepared to deliver omnichannel customer service? Do you have the expertise and team talent to create a 360º view of your customers in order to anticipate their needs and meet them consistently? The Contact Center Manager’s Survival Guide to Omnichannel Customer Service is your playbook for guiding your team to success.

Preparing Your Team for the Omnichannel Revolution

Sure, the field is full of players who offer multiple interaction channels. Yet 57% of enterprise contact centers surveyed are still sitting on the bench when it comes to managing their forecasting, planning, and adherence processes across all channels. Comprehensive omnichannel workforce planning allows you to plan and execute clutch plays that create big wins and higher satisfaction scores.

The Optimize Your Workforce for the Omnichannel Revolution eBook offers advice from the pros on omnichannel workforce planning and how to integrate workforce management into your contact center.

Making the Play for an Omnichannel Contact Center

Okay, your team is suited up and ready to play. Now it’s time to get management on board. Use this tip sheet to learn 11 winning strategies for making the business case for an omnichannel contact center solution. Sure, most companies offer multi-channel interactions. But they typically manage each channel separately, which makes it way too easy for an agent to drop the ball—or worse yet, miss the handoff completely. An omnichannel approach will not only give you a huge competitive advantage, it will boost player morale and turn your customers into fans.

Whether you’re hosting or attending a Super Bowl celebration this year, as you sit down and crack open that frosty beverage, remember this: The key to winning big with your customers is omnichannel engagement. You have the players, and Genesys offers the game plan for customer experience victory.