2 Reasons Why Traditional Quality Monitoring Doesn’t Work

We’ve all heard the message “This call may be monitored for quality purposes…” when calling into a contact center. The reality is that your call probably won’t be monitored – and even if it is, very little useful insight will come of it.

All companies and organizations are interested in optimizing agent performance to improve service quality. Unfortunately, most do an ineffective job of monitoring agent performance – because we use a process that’s inherently flawed.

Today, the standard approach to quality monitoring agent performance for Quality Management (QM) is as follows:

  • QM Analysts listen to a small subset of calls – maybe 1-2 percent
  • They rate the agent based on a number of subjective criteria, such as “friendly voice” or “stays focused and attentive”

Aside from being costly and slow, this manual approach suffers from two big drawbacks that limit its usefulness.

Problem #1: The sample size is too small

Because you have to actually listen to and evaluate the calls, most companies sample only one to two percent of their calls.  This small sample size has a lot of problems:

  • You miss a lot of important interactions in the other 98-99 percent of calls
  • Because the sample is so small (and therefore not statistically significant), people don’t trust the results
  • Agents can (often rightly) argue that the calls you listened to don’t accurately represent their abilities

Problem #2:  The measures are imprecise and subjective

It’s hard to get accurate and consistent results when different listeners interpret interactions in different ways. What does it mean to “be helpful” or “friendly”?  What if the agent is friendly at first, then gets less friendly? How do you score that?

To really get to what’s happening, you need automated solutions that can evaluate all calls along concrete and objective measures. Today this is possible with Speech Analytics.

Speech Analytics breathes new life into Quality Management

At Genesys, we’ve seen our customers experience amazing results – including improving agent performance – when they’ve automated their contact center Quality Management processes with Speech Analytics.  By automatically analyzing all calls for behaviors and applying objective measures, Speech Analytics offer new customer insight, at a scale never seen before.

To see the details of how Speech Analytics work in the real world in our webinar replay, “Revolutionizing Contact Center Quality Management with Speech Analytics.”  We’ll cover a real case study and provide a live demonstration of Speech Analytics. In this particular case, hearing is believing.